Monthly Ascension Support Class

We and the world we live in are ascending in vibration to be clear vehicles for our true and eternal spiritual selves. These changes are a transformational rebirth; though they may sometimes seem chaotic and destructive. Let us help you ride these waves of change with ease so you can celebrate this birth each step of the way. The journey is timely and inevitable, ultimately leading all of us home to our true selves.

The Monthly Ascension Support Class assists participants to make changes smoothly and gracefully; making optimal use of the opportunities for growth and personal evolution that they present. Each participant is connected with many other souls and the work we do together will benefit many of those others as well. We will release old traumas and blocks within body, emotion, mind and spirit, as well as outdated hereditary and soul contracts. We will raise our vibration to higher and clearer states, and create a stronger connection with truth for ourselves and in the world around. Energy systems of body and aura will receive upgrades to more efficient and higher vibration systems and old karmic baggage will be gently released.

The hallmark of this class has been the ease and comfort of the journey. Participants become more focused on their spiritual growth and truth; they feel physically better, more positive and mentally clear and have an increased light and power of spirit. There is very little homework and it is optional.

Eve Wilson has been supporting the ascension process for about 15 years. She and some of her graduates from The Healer & Ascension Certification Course assist the ascension process for the planet and all its inhabitants and the universe. The skills they have developed smooth the otherwise bumpy journey of ascension; eliminating unnecessary difficulty and trauma that it can cause for people and the planet.

Cost is $50 per class. Contact Eve and she will check to be sure that the class is timely and appropriate for you! If so we know you will have an excellent experience with it.


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Eve Wilson

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  • February 9, 2017 Start
    Monthly Ascension Support Class
    • meets every 4th Thursday 7:30pm - 9:30pm
    • Each series runs for 6 classes with the option to continue for another 6 months if desired.

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