Where Spirit and Earth Meet

Moment by moment we stand in a place where spirit and earth meet.  We are that interface and it gives us the opportunity to birth the new world a little bit at a time.  The new world is born when there … Continue reading

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Ascending Your Aura

Here is a beautiful tool for your ascension, that leaves you feeling fresh, clear and integrated with your Higher Self.  The energy field which surrounds your body is made up of seven layers, each one with its own function.  In … Continue reading

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Layers of Darkness Breaking Through Into Light

During the transition between old world and new world we are living in both worlds simultaneously. The new world comes in like a tide, a little stronger with each wave, and the old world draws us back over and over, but … Continue reading

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The Alchemy of Ascension

The political/social/environmental scene continues to heat up on planet Earth.  These challenges are the product of oppositional forces that have been at work since the beginning of time.  They hold a higher intention of developing the potentials necessary when we ascend.  As we wind down … Continue reading

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Amazing News!

This Blog was just chosen as one of the 75 best Healing Blogs in the World by Feedspot!  Check out the link on my Facebook to see the site if you want.  Also Riding the Wave of Change – Hope, Healing and … Continue reading

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What Do You Trust?

August 7ths full moon impulse supports you in coming home increasingly to your ascended self.  We are all at individual stages in this process, and each forward step brings us a bit deeper into our ascended experience.  We are somewhat in the old … Continue reading