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Keep Hope Alive and Strong

When our goals feel obstructed, or when what we built that is good feels beaten down, how do we handle that and keep our hope alive and strong? Here are some thoughts, meditations and ideas about that! First of all recognize … Continue reading


At the Center of the Wheel of Life

The wheel of life goes around, and if you are centered at the hub of your own true self, it is a relatively smooth ride.  But if you are riding the rim — well — you have some pretty big ups and … Continue reading


Physical Ascension – Full Moon

This Sunday’s full moon brings a strong influence of support for our physical bodies to ascend to the next step in unity with our Higher Selves!  This is a very exciting opportunity, and this blog will help you to take advantage of it! … Continue reading


Love and Anger

Love and anger are two world forces.  Love increases and builds, anger breaks down and changes.  We can see these two as partners within us and work with them together to achieve balance. Culturally we treat these two as oppositional … Continue reading


Full Moon Blessing

The moon is coming full on Saturday, so I asked her what the gift is that she brings us this time.  She told me “growing strong” is the opportunity which she is empowering within our lives as her blessing to … Continue reading

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You Are Stronger

On the cusp of the new year, I want to encourage you to see yourself in a new way.  Because you are ascending, you are constantly integrating more of your true self into your energy field, and your energy systems … Continue reading


Birthing the Sacred Self

I am ever aware that many who read my posts are either non-traditional in their spiritual approach or are of a different tradition than the one I was brought up in.  I was raised by fanatical Pentecostal Christians and it took me years … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice Ascension

To carry Spirit’s light to world-winter night Strives blissfully the impulse of my heart, That shining seeds of soul Take root in grounds of worlds, And Word of God in senses’ darkness Resounds, transfiguring all being. ~Rudolf Steiner Calendar of … Continue reading