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Healing & Trust

Dear Ascending Friends, I am glad that you are all with me in this ascension process!  Together we can be an influence of trust and healing during this time of transition and change.  Strengthening that influence has been the theme … Continue reading


Ascension Viruses Are Good!

For some time now, I have been aware that viruses are acting as ascension instigators.  I had the opportunity this week to learn more about that interesting process which is uncomfortable but very effective! The stomach flu that has been … Continue reading

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Pre-Election Ascension Work

I learned in an earlier election that I had to make sure that any spiritual work I did around its outcome was in harmony with the path our country had to take for its optimal growth, learning and the fulfillment of … Continue reading

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Dancing In the New World

A fascinating element of the ascension process relates to how energy has been generated in the old world and how that is shifting as we enter the new world.  Since I have been working with this lately, it seems like a good time … Continue reading

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Nurturing the New World

Hi Everyone! This week has seen amazing shifts again! Looking at the world as a Healing & Ascension Worker, I sometimes see all the positive shifts, and sometimes I see so much that needs to change, that it can feel … Continue reading

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Belated Post – Big Projects

Hi Ascending Friends! I was so busy working with the ascension process last Thursday that it appears I never got a post out to you!  Please accept my apology!  I always write on Thursday so it is there for you … Continue reading

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Breaking Through to Victory

I am pleased to be the bearer of abundant good news this week!  So much has been happening, that I hardly know how to start, so I will start at the beginning. After writing last week’s blog, I met with … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse ~ Coming Home

The solar eclipse today (visible over Africa) allows us to see ourselves and our world with more clarity wherever we are on Earth.  It mutes the shadows and reflections giving us a unique view of what hides in our unconscious, and also the things we … Continue reading

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