Global Warming and Ascension

This winter, the effects of global warming are easy to spot.  Some of them we like, and some of them are very difficult; but weather extremes abound!  This is one of the significant influences in our world which are stimulating the process of ascension; so I thought a discussion of this subject was timely.

Global warming is a cycle of change for the planet which is the opposite swing from the cycles of the ice ages.  My intuitive information tells me that 90% of the heating up of our world would be occurring even if there were no people present.  So the good news is we aren’t really to blame for that. However, what people are responsible for is a whole lot of environmental destruction caused by greedy and short sighted choices.  The effects of those choices cause the already difficult changes in our world to compromise life on earth significantly.

Still, I don’t blame people for that, I perceive that everyone and everything are the way they are for a purpose.  As a Healing & Ascension Worker, I am guided to understand the mechanisms of change that act through everything for the greater good of all.  That requires me to set aside my judgments and fears and to be objective enough to access the bigger picture for our world.  I love to share this bigger picture with you, so that you can have confidence in life, even while so many things seem to be going seriously wrong.

The world, along with everything and everyone in it, need to undergo a breaking down process of approximately 40%.  This creates the necessary physical weakness for our eternal and true spiritual selves to enter, change and lift everything into the new world.  This change happens in steps, each one a little higher in vibration than the last.  We have ahead of us 30 or so years of this process of incremental ascension steps, before we reach a collective level needed to enter into the new world in mass.

In case this idea is new to you, the new world is the goal and purpose for what we call the old world experience, which we have been undergoing since the dawn of time.  The old world has been a time of building the facilities for our Higher Selves or as I termed it earlier, our eternal and true spiritual selves, to be able to live and act within the created reality on earth.  The new world carries the potentials we have long desired to experience and have felt were possible for life, but have not been yet able to manifest.  It will be built from and thrive on unconditional love.  There are so many wonderful elements I foresee in the new world, and I look forward to when I can publish my book Riding the Wave of Change – Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World, so that I can share more of that vision with you!

The process of breaking down the old world, while a difficult one, is 70% easier than it would have been if so many of us hadn’t really opened ourselves to our Higher Selves and sought to partner with it in our lives.  Keep up that inner relationship with your true selves so that your own journey can grow smoother and easier with practice.  Unity with our true selves is what this journey is all about!

While I encourage you to trust this process and not to blame people for the roles we have played to damage our world, I also encourage you to support positive choices and responsible actions within our world.  The destruction we are experiencing, in addition to creating the necessary breakdown of the old world, is a time when people can learn to choose love and to work for the greater good of all life on earth.  That means working through whatever systems of spirituality, legislature, environmental agency, social reform or service organization inspires you and feels in harmony with your truth.  It is challenging to work for the greater good without getting caught in judgment and fear, which traps you in the old world.  This process will make all of us grow and ascend into greater unity with our Higher Selves if we will insist on working from unconditional love.

Unconditional love is tough love, it isn’t a push-over.  But it is strong in holding to inner integrity and wholeness.  From that place of wholeness within, we can find our perfect level of contribution to the greater good for all.  In this way we grow stronger in service, rather than sacrificing ourselves.  This is also necessary as we ascend.  There will be times when we stretch very far to help, but we do so from a place of wholeness, and for our own growth, not because we are sacrificing.  Our job isn’t to rescue others, but to live fully every day.  So our service becomes the natural expression of our true selves, not a judgment that others are wrong or in need.  Everyone and everything is eternal and safe and unbreakable in their true spiritual selves — always!  What happens in this life, or what takes us out of it, are all temporary and purposeful.

In my own work for the planet and all who live on it, I was told recently that we don’t have to heal the old world.  It was never meant to last forever, but to die a bit so it can ascend and be reborn at a higher level.  So when I see the death process, I have learned to work with the Higher Power to smooth that part of the journey, so it is as gentle as it can be and still accomplish its’ goal.  When I have communicated with whales, birds and other creatures whose numbers have been diminishing within our world, they assure me that they are entering the new world ahead of us and paving the way for all of us to come.  Where they are dying here, they are being born into the new world and a greater state of unity and wholeness than ever before.  We will be there too in the foreseeable future!  I am excited!

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Enjoy this crazy weather and love yourself and our world this week!  I love you, my ascending friends!  Blessings, Eve



2 Responses to Global Warming and Ascension

  1. Karlta says:

    This is interesting in view of the Schumann Resonance rising from a pretty steady 7.83 for millennia to more recent levels of about 16 in 2014 and a couple of weeks ago into the 30’s and up to 36! As our consciousness rises, so can the Schumann Resonance, and as the Resonance rises, so can our consciousness! Outside proof of our Ascension at work! Great work, Lightworkers!

  2. Tyra Petoskey says:

    Thank you Eve! Your words of wisdom are very reassuring. Peace to you. ❤️

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