Physical Ascension – Full Moon

This Sunday’s full moon brings a strong influence of support for our physical bodies to ascend to the next step in unity with our Higher Selves!  This is a very exciting opportunity, and this blog will help you to take advantage of it!

Thanks – by the way – to Tyra and Karlta for your comments which I just now approved!  My apologies for the delay.  Last week I was on it, but this week I fell behind.  However a new habit is being formed and I will become more consistent!

One of the gifts you receive when you read my posts, which I don’t believe I have ever mentioned before, is that there is an increased connection offered to you between you, your Higher Self and the One Source.  It is kind of like an energy boost which makes your ascension process a bit smoother and easier for you.  This comes from the One Source, not from myself, so it is clean and only offered where it is necessary and helpful.  This week you can make good use of that with regards to the full moon influence for your physical ascension!

Where your body has been feeling off, or seeming to be breaking down lately, those are usually aspects that have been preparing to ascend!  The breaking down is required in moderation so things can shift to the next level of unity with your Higher Self.  So here is a suggestion for how you can take advantage of this opportunity more fully:

  • Give yourself an inner hug from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.  Offer love and gratitude to your good body who does everything it can to serve you!
  • Breathe into your new world heart chakra in the middle of your chest (it is where your normal heart chakra has been, just a higher vibration).  Center there as though you were looking out at life through your heart, instead of your head.  This puts you more into your feeling self, which is where you need to be to connect spirit and earth.  You can add your belly to this focus for an even stronger unity if that feels good to you.
  • Centered there, and as though you were speaking silently from deep within your heart and core, ask for the essence of truth of your Higher Self.  This is a focus of your eternal facet of the One Source.
  • Invite your Higher Self to live increasingly within your human body, and to raise its vibration so that unity becomes increasingly your experience.
  • You can get more specific if you want.  Center your awareness within parts of you that feel like they are breaking down, and ask the same thing, but precisely from within that aspect of yourself as well.  This will help heal and ascend that aspect when it is ready.
  • Allow your Higher Self and the One Source to clear whatever old world baggage and debris needs to release so unity can happen.

Who you “ARE truly”  is your Higher Self.  Your body, aura and soul are vehicles for that eternal facet of the One Source which you are.  Learn to identify more with your Higher Self than with your human experience.  Think of it this way:  I am an eternal facet of the One Source living within a human body and soul.  My human body and soul are ascending to become a good home for me to live in.  They need my love, acceptance, compassion and support to become the home I need in this world.

Have a blessed week, growing increasingly into unity with your own true self!  If you want help with this process, you can receive $10 off Healing and Ascension work this month when you mention this post!  Thanks for sharing this post with those who would enjoy it!

Love, Eve

2 Responses to Physical Ascension – Full Moon

  1. Dwanda Ashford Jones says:

    Thank you Eve for this post. I’m going through a divorce and I’ve been feeling a lot of guilt about ending my marriage. I’ve been working on healing myself, forgiving myself and learning how to love myself again. Your post showed me how to reach my inner self and how to learn to live in love and look at the world through my Higher self. Can you share with me what healing and ascension work you offer this month that I could use my $10 coupon for?
    Thanks again,

    • Eve Wilson says:

      Hi Dwanda! Thanks for your comment! I’m very glad you found the post helpful 🙂 . Healing and Ascension Treatments are very personal. You can make a list of things you would like to work with including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, relationships finances…whatever! Your Higher Self will show me what, where, when and how we can work to give you the greatest benefits. It really depends on what your soul is ready for, and we just don’t know until we are all set up to work and all the right connections are made. Please feel free to email me through my website to schedule if you want to do so. The $10 is $10 off the fee, not a $10 healing. I apologize if that wasn’t clear. I will check and make it so if not. Love and Blessings, Eve

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