Healing for Planet & Souls

The work initiated by the full moon to help Higher Power integrate into the physical world of our bodies and the planet continued today with some profitable healing for all.  I was guided to work with the Higher Power and those in charge of ascension to initiate the clearing of excess carbon, which is to  large extent the cause of global warming.

The clearing began in Alaska and along the pacific ocean near the coast.  As the ice melts what is under it is a ton of organic matter, which has been frozen, but now is thawing and decaying rapidly.  This decay reminds me of grass clippings left in a pile; within hours they begin to decay and to generate astonishing heat!  I learned this young, when my dad mowed our half acre lot and afterward would ask me to bag the clippings and inside that pile of grass it was literally steaming!  So in addition to whatever is making the ice melt, once it does, the carbon based plants beneath decay and create carbon gas and heat, which in turn causes things to melt faster.

What we did today was to first clear a lot of the carbon which is being released in Alaska.  I am not sure what it was under the water along the coast that was being cleared, but it seemed like it was also carbon that had built up there.  That same type of clearing was done for the North American Continent, then moved on to Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.  There was the clearing of carbon from plants, from burning fuel, industrial processes and  autos, among other sources of carbon which causes greenhouse gases.  Clearing of carbon was done from the air and the water.

Next we did another level of clearing for the world, which is what I call soul sludge.  This is the debris from souls living in the physical world.  It includes a lot of emotional, mental and psychic junk that is created through living and builds up in our personal, community and planetary auras.  Clearing this allowed the Higher Power to connect with the physical world and our physical bodies in a significant way.  Everything looked lighter and freer.  I know I feel like I can relax and breathe easier now.

When the Higher Power is connected with the physical world, then higher intelligence is able to be a strong control factor in the way things work out and for the process of ascension.  Bringing Higher Power more fully into the physical also has two other kinds of implications.  First of all, that presence will stimulate the breaking down of the old world, a process which is needed before ascension can occur.  Secondly it will stimulate unity with Higher Self which in turn brings us into the next stage in the new world experience.

Working this way is kind of like going to the doctor, dentist or auto shop!  You can go when you know things are starting to need repair, and in doing so your overall experience will be easier, though it is inconvenient and we could feel justified in putting things off.  However, if you wait and just let things break down on their own, while you may delay the inconvenience, you may end up with a catastrophic mess.  The inconvenience of the breaking down and ascension process is inevitable, but by working to initiate these changes through healing for souls and the planet, everything goes more easily and with less drama and angst!  Also, the total period of change we have to undergo will be less.  We are currently looking at 25 – 35 years of significant change before we feel strongly grounded in the new world overall.

What I love is that when I work this way, The Higher Power works through the aspect of the Qabalah or Tree of Life called DAAT.  This aspect is actually a tear in the tree of life which happened during our early separation from Oneness.  This tear became a barrier, which forced us to move forward into the evolutionary process of incarnating at a time when maybe we would have rather scrapped the whole project and returned directly to unity bypassing life on Earth all together.  Over recent months we have healed this tear sufficiently so that The Higher Power is now working through it to access our world for healing and ascension.  So it has gone from barrier to doorway for the Higher Power! Very cool!

Good things are happening, even though the process is messy.  I hope this helps you keep a positive outlook and trust the journey of change!

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  1. Pauline Home 6352 Lakeshore Dr says:

    I am so encouraged by your guidance and courage Eve!

  2. Karlta says:

    As we all move forward into our Light Bodies, we will be replacing at least some of the carbon with silica, which is very similar to carbon (see the Periodic Table of Elements) but of a higher frequency. This happens not only an individual level but on a planetary level. And so I am glad to hear that you are clearing carbon from some of the old patterns so that silica can move in and “upgrade” the crystalline structure of All. Thanks!

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