Your true self is eternal.  You have always existed and you will always exist; because you are a unique facet of the One Source of Life which is eternal.  It is so easy for us to become identified with the temporary versions of ourselves which we create in each lifetime, that we tend to forget that who we are is so much more.

It helps to reach for and welcome our greater identity during this time of ascension, when everything that we have known is undergoing stage after stage of little deaths and rebirths.  If we are too identified with the temporary identity we are experiencing, this process can be very stressful!  Human identities don’t let go very easily, as a rule.  Perhaps the most significant result of this series of endings and new beginnings will be how it helps us to let go of our temporary identities, so we come to identify with our true eternal selves.

My role as a healer during this lifetime has helped me with this.  I have had the challenge and the gift of experiencing the eternal nature of the individuals I have worked with.  I have encountered them from the beginning of creation through the present and into the future; and I know that what is happening now is just one of the important steps in their eternal experience.  I have seen the same for planetary souls and know they have many lifetimes as well.  Sometimes it is an ending and beginning within a single planet, where the soul stays, but goes through a complete transformation and is reborn new.  Sometimes it is the end of a planet altogether, but the soul of the planet continues on to a new planetary body, or to a different expression of life altogether.

I have been shown how a planet ascends in vibration and becomes a new world on a higher plane of being, so that the old world appears to die, but in reality it is reborn.  Mars is such a planet.  I was approached 24 years ago by a Being from Mars.  His soul was extremely beautiful.  He explained this process to me then, awakening in my human self the awareness that we would be doing this here on Earth, and that it had already happened on Venus as well.

Some of my most treasured experiences involved communication with animal souls; some of whom are ascending ahead of us into the new world.  Many of them are leaving their current bodies behind when they ascend, because it is easy to recreate them on a higher level when they do that.  Many humans will do that as well, so try to remember that when someone you love leaves their body behind.  While you greave their loss, you can also acknowledge  the beauty of this change for them.  Perhaps they are going ahead of you to work on building the new world for all of us.

Some of us will ascend our physical bodies all the way to the new world experience.  Our series of small deaths and rebirths will culminate in a beautiful unity between our eternal facet of the One Source and our new world physical bodies.  Whether our bodies die so our soul and spirit  can enter the new world, or whether we ascend our bodies all the way there, we will enjoy the experience of unity with our eternal selves.

For the next 30 – 50 years souls who enter the new world will be working to prepare the way for all those to come.  Some will come back and forth between the old and new worlds to assist those who are not yet ascended.  More will work within the new world proper to create the foundational energy systems needed for the planet to ascend as a whole.  Many souls are already there, and doing exactly that!

Eternity is a reality, easy to grasp with the spirit and soul, but a challenging idea to embrace relative to our physical bodies.  How can our bodies ascend into unity with our eternal spiritual Self?  Fortunately we get to do this step by step and don’t have to understand the wholeness of it yet.  Whether or not your body goes with you, or you leave it behind to enter the new world, is simply a choice that your eternal self makes, based on the role you need to play in this journey.  Until you leave your body behind or it ascends fully, your body will be ascending — changing step by step as needed to embrace more and more of your true, eternal Being!

The unconditionally loving universe supports you in all your journeys of eternal life!  It is so good to share this one with you, my friends!  Love and Blessings, Eve

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