Healing & Trust

Dear Ascending Friends,

I am glad that you are all with me in this ascension process!  Together we can be an influence of trust and healing during this time of transition and change.  Strengthening that influence has been the theme for some very profound healing and ascension work this week.

I was asked by the Source of Life — which many call God –this week, to re-write an old contract that initiated an old world belief; it was one of the first tools used to initiate separation out of Oneness.  This separation was needed in order to create individual life forms for the One to live in, act through and enjoy.  The process of building and mastering our individual souls has been interesting, amazing and very challenging; as is the process of reuniting with the One while maintaining our individual selves.  Looking at it from God’s perspective it is all fun!  As we reclaim our unity we will see it that way too, and all the grief and hardship will heal and fall away.

The contract I was asked to work with seemed to be embodied by the words “I don’t know you”.   When we separated out of Oneness, we became many strangers, instead of all one unity.  We lost our sense of connection with God as well as with each other and felt alone for the first time.  We learned to find a fragile sense of unity through family, community, religion, geographical location, skin color, social structures, status, etc.  But that fragile unity did not carry over to those who were very different from us in any way.  “Others” were fair pray for guilt free opportunism and harassment; the differences were used to justify wars, slavery, greed and all manner of cruelty.

In recent times we have become increasingly cognizant of God within ourselves, and grown more trusting of that inner truth; providing wisdom, guidance and a sense of unconditional love and eternity.  As this truth emerged, we have gradually had to admit that if God is within myself, God is within all life too, including other people.  This truth has been easier to embrace theoretically than practically, because other people often don’t seem to be acting in loving and enlightened ways, causing us hardship and all manner of trouble.  This makes it confusing to embrace the truth that the broader purpose the One is working out through everything and everyone in the world.

As I began this work, I was taken to the beginning of all this, where that belief was created –“I don’t know you”.  It was a structure of consciousness and an energy system effecting every aspect of our experience in all worlds and incarnations.  My job was to adjust its contract so that retroactively, across time the entire manifestation of this belief could begin to shift into a greater unity with the One.  Now it will become an influence that can only assist ascension, not defeat us, until it is no longer needed at all.

As we moved further and further from unity, during the journey of separation and evolution, the ability of the One to influence life became much less precise.  Influences had to be projected out into the universe from a distance, kind of like the ball that gets shot out of the start point in a game of pinball.  Those influences from God moved things, but often not in a very refined way.  Re-unifying the forces of separation into a closer relationship with the One, allows God to effect us in gentler and easier ways than the “pinball approach”.  So my first job was to help re-connect and these influences and experiences with the One so the contract could be altered to make them only helpful, instead of just a chaotic force that pushes us around!

Then I was asked to work across time to release and heal elements of soul which were damaged and became lost in the traumas of life during the old world experience of separation, war and cruelty.  When I do this work, it isn’t me doing it, it is me asking the One to do the work needed.  My job is to listen to what is needed and ask for it precisely and to ground it into reality.  The work is done from a higher level.  So together with those who work absolutely for the One Source in unconditional love I assisted healing of these old wounds as well as the conflicts that still exist between different cultures, peoples and worlds.  I also want to mention and thank one of the healers I trained who helped me with this work, as she often does.  Good job K., for picking up your piece of this and helping me see it more clearly too!

Next I was guided to move into our current cultural conflicts and to strengthen and embrace God within those on both sides of the political/social/economic/environmental issues in this country.  We worked to strengthen unity with the One for all of us, wherever we find ourselves in relation to these issues.

The old contract for separation — which I named “I don’t know you” — has been strongly in play here on both sides.  People are so polarized on each side of the spectrum that it is like we suddenly find ourselves among complete strangers, instead of our own neighbors! People have justifiably been feeling frightened of what some  perceive as the dismantling of years of positive forward movement, and the others see as overcoming blocks to the achievement of their goals.  With the rewriting of the contract we can begin to trust that what happens is for some reason necessary, and that the One will only allow it to go as far as is needed.

You who have been reading this blog for a while will recall the necessity for the old world to break down about 40% so that it can ascend and be reassembled on a higher level in the new world.  When I talk with God about what is going on in this country, I am clearly told the current situation in this country is the quickest way for us to achieve this necessity.  Because of the increased unity which was given control over this process in a more complete way this week, I feel more trusting of this process.  I feel able to look at people on both sides of the issues and to trust that God is within them, and using their human selves to break things down that need to break down.  I feel confident that when that breakdown is sufficient we will see it all reborn into a better place than ever before.  I don’t know how long it will take or how much damage 40% breakdown will do, but I believe it will be just enough and no more than necessary.  So while I find it challenging, I can handle it.

Overall this period of breaking down for our world and other worlds who are ascending with us at this time will take about 30 years, which is a newly lowered number from the previous projection of 30 – 40 years!  This process will be much, much gentler and quicker than it would have been had many of us not worked hard to achieve greater unity with God within ourselves and our world.  The amount of trauma and damage is going to be at least 70%  less than it would have been otherwise.  Each of you is a part of this achievement!  I hope you will give yourself credit for doing your part the best you can, and continue to do your part despite the hardship of our current phase.  Please do your best to stay connected to God within, and to live in your new world self, where you can feel nurtured as you ascend.  When you find yourself stressed and upset, acknowledge that God is present and working within and through the people and circumstances around you.  This is a powerful tool for good. (For many tools to help you ascend and thrive you can review my archived blogs. Or contact me for a healing and ascension session to help lift your old world baggage into the light.)

Remember, what is happening is purposeful, it will help us ascend into greater love and beauty than every before.  You and everyone effected are ETERNAL, SAFE and UNBREAKABLE!  You were here at the beginning of the journey of evolution, and you will be here when all is ascended.  Your body may or may not go with you this time, but your eternal self certainly will!  Learning to ride this wave of change with grace, skill, love and trust is your current muscle building workout!  Give thanks and trust your experience.

I am asking that you feel the One enfolding you in love and gratitude this week.  Blessings, Eve


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  1. Eve, once again your information is so helpful and life affirming. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your devotion to this accession process. Continued love and blessings to You and all the Beings here.

  2. Eve Wilson says:

    Thank you Jennifer! It is my true passion. Thank you for continuing to do your piece of this work in your own way too. We are all supported by each other. Love and Blessings, Eve

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