Lightness and Powerful Love

Hello Ascending Friends!

The theme this week has been “choosing lightness and hope”.  With so many apparent reasons to worry and so many opportunities to do battle and resist things, it is easy to get dragged down into the old world energies of fear.  Fear is the underlying principle of the old world, and it is so easy to get sucked into it.  Unconditional love is the underlying principle of the new world, and it is a choice that we make.  This post is about how to work with the opportunity presented by these two different directions, both active in our world during this period of change.

Our instinctual reaction to change is to be afraid, it takes no effort to connect with that, so the old world can grab us with ease if we let it.  Choosing to stay in the new world energy of unconditional love — or to return to it when we have been caught by fear — is an act of powerful love and hope.  Unconditional love is divine, it is above the judgments, fears and differences between people.  It knows that within each person there is a presence of the One Source and that all things are working toward a greater good, even when what we think of as good is being damaged.  Unconditional love holds a God’s-Eye-View; it can see the long range goals and is able to accept the hardship needed to get us there, though it will do everything appropriate to make the transition easier.  The eternal Being that lives within each of us can see from that higher perspective, even when our mind and heart are not able to.  You can find that unconditionally loving presence within when you choose your new world self over your old world fear responses.

During this period of transition from the old world to the new world, you have two distinct realities existing within you; your old world self and your new world self.  The old world self has the strength of history and habit behind it; but the new world self has the impulse to wholeness, unity and unconditional love — it is more powerful.  The new world self is on the increase and will continue to grow stronger and stronger for 300,000,000,000 years and then some!  The old world contract is finished, what we see currently are the death throes, and it isn’t pretty, but it is necessary for now.  It doesn’t help to resist its death, but we can partner with the Higher Power to diminish the trauma of its passage.  That is what this Healing and Ascension Work which I do and teach is all about.

A simple tool for living in your new world self:

  • Breathe deep into your Inner Wisdom within your heart chakra.
  • Ask your Inner Wisdom to help you to live in your new world self.
  • Ask to live in the new world nursery (this support system exists in the spiritual energies of our universe to nurture and support the new world experience during this transition).
  • Ask that your old world self be held safely within the old world nursery, where it can be nurtured and healed so it can ascend.
  • Any time you find yourself reacting to the old world energies, or feeling afraid, you can repeat this.
  • Start your day with this and repeat it as needed.

When you experience a Healing & Ascension Treatment with me we work together to make it easy to release elements of your old world experience that you don’t need anymore.  We heal the trauma and stress of the old world; and help you to claim the gifts and personal authority you have gained there in this life and all your lifetimes.  As these things are healed, your body and soul rise into a lighter and more potent experience of your true self.  It is magical, beautiful, gentle and powerful work and I would love to share it with you when the time is right.  Let me know if you are interested!

Thank you for Liking this post and sharing it!  I hope you enjoy your new world experience increasingly this week!  Love and Blessings, Eve




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