At the Center of the Wheel of Life

The wheel of life goes around, and if you are centered at the hub of your own true self, it is a relatively smooth ride.  But if you are riding the rim — well — you have some pretty big ups and downs!  The ups are giddy, and the downs are crushing when the side you are riding hits the ground!

Living from your center is always a good idea.  From the hub of your wheel you can always have your connection to the high side of life, even when there are some tough things hitting ground on the bottom.  But during times of intensity in our world, living from the hub of your wheel can be absolutely essential for stability, sanity and even survival sometimes.

Within your center is a focus of your eternal divine self, that I call your Inner Wisdom.  This is the part of you that is always in unity with the One Source of Life.  It is that part of you that just knows things; the inner sense of right that can be a guiding light in each moment of your life.

Below is an exercise for living from the center of your wheel of life:

  • Breath into your body, all the way down to your toes, and all the way up to the top of your head.  Let your breathe touch and fill every part of you like an inner hug, pouring love into your body and soul .
  • Breath your focus into your new world heart chakra in the middle of your chest.  Center there as though you were looking out at the world through your heart, instead of just your head.
  • Step back into yourself until you feel like your spine is the middle instead of the back of you.  This puts you in the middle of your aura.
  • There you will find an openness and clarity of self, where you naturally receive energy from the One Source like a tree through roots and branches.  A clear flow of life force for your days and nights!
  • This is your Inner Wisdom.  Allow it to expand within you.  Let it be the hub of your life.  Live from this true center as the wheel of life turns.  Let the chaos of life flow by around you, and live in this still, calm place of unity and trust.
  • If you find yourself getting caught up in the chaos of life, take time to return to your Inner Wisdom and center there.  Fear, worry, hurry, blame…these old world energies exist when you are riding the rim of your wheel.  Let them go, and return to the place of trust and peace within.
  • When you act from your center, you act from wholeness, unconditional love and your new world self.  Then what you do carries unity with the Source and will have a greater impact for good than the same action done from a place of fear, worry or blame.
  • Living from the hub of your wheel is an exercise in self-mastery.  It will help bring you home into the new world experience, and to leave the old behind.

I love you my friends!  Each time you choose your true self, you strengthen the path into the new world for all of us!  Nurture a spirit of trust and hopefulness and enjoy living form the center of your wheel of life!  Blessings and joy, Eve

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  1. Your first paragraph says it alll. Nice description.

  2. Eve Wilson says:

    Hi Judy! Thanks 🙂 Love and Blessings, Eve

  3. Eve Wilson says:

    This came by email from Canada :

    Very beautiful post this week, Eve. Simple, easy and clear! I love it!

    You are wonderful!

    Thanks and Hugs Sue! Eve

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