Keep Hope Alive and Strong

When our goals feel obstructed, or when what we built that is good feels beaten down, how do we handle that and keep our hope alive and strong? Here are some thoughts, meditations and ideas about that!

First of all recognize that life has a plan for our growth and ascension that requires some breaking down of the old structures of life.  That breaking down is what we may be finding worrisome right now; rather than moving forward, we seem to be going backward.  Don’t be dismayed, this is a necessary phase.  But while we find many of our best intentions being apparently thwarted, rather than focusing on that, we can focus on what we can do that supports the new world in our lives.  Sometimes this means increasing our integrity in the little things, catching up on our inner spiritual or emotional work, our relationships, our home life.  Most importantly it can mean aligning our personal will and goals with our Inner Wisdom, Higher Self and Higher Power.


Inner Wisdom: A focus of my eternal facet of God (or whatever name you use for the Oneness of Life) within my body and soul, easiest to find deep within my heart, but everywhere within me.

Higher Self: My true and eternal spiritual BEING – my unique facet of God that is One with the Creator and all of life.

Higher Power: The One, God, The Source, whatever you like to call this place from which all life is born and of which we are always a part.  From this place higher wisdom embraces the beginning and end of creation and everything in between.  This is the wholeness of life.

These are three are elements of unity for us to align ourselves with.  In doing so, we are helping to build the new world.  When we focus on the building, we are less disturbed by the breaking down.  I suggest focusing on how you can build these connections and how you can bring them into each moment of your life.  I wrote a song about this 35 years ago!  I still sing it sometimes.  The words go like this:

There’s a right way to live in each moment, there is one thing to do and to say, and it’s different than each moment gone before.

And beyond the moment at hand we don’t know what’s in store.

The best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray — the perfect plan of life is revealed every single day.

Life will have its way; to its rhythms all things sway — why don’t we?

People sweat and toil because life’s rhythms are ignored in their plans.

Pay attention in the quiet times — listen — to your thoughts pour forth undemandingly.  Let the present show what forms you can reveal perfectly.

Feel the pulse of life within your world, see the power of life transform your world.  Life will have its way…life’s way!

Each of us, through our Inner Wisdom and Higher Self have a direct line to the Higher Power.  When we relax our fears and agendas, we can find a rhythm of unity that moves us in the perfect expression of our own focus of life.  Whether in little things or big things we can strengthen this unity so that everything we are becomes a service of love; and in this there can be inner peace and joy.  Bringing the Higher Power into the here and now is the goal of ascension.  Sometimes when life doesn’t give us what we want or what we believe is right, the challenge of that builds great inner strength and wisdom in ways that could not happen otherwise.

To keep hope alive and strong within us we can focus on increasing our inner unity.  How we do that is a personal journey.  Perhaps my little song can help you find your way step by step.  From that inner unity you will know when and how to act in the world, and you will do it with power and finesse because the Higher Power will be acting through you with grace and ease.  Remember, life’s goals are always going to win out!  We are living a mysterious journey of unfolding life.  Live it with hope, inner unity and strength.

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Have a blessed week of hope, peace and joy my friends!  Love Always, Eve

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  1. Karlta says:

    As always, Eve, loving and gentle and powerful! Thank you!

  2. Eve Wilson says:

    Thank you Karlta! One step at a time we are ascending! Love and Blessings, eve

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