Trees and Soil Healing & Ascending

For two weeks I and my Ascension Group have been working with trees and the soil.  As the trees began to flower, their pollen has been carrying messages of stress along with their messages of love and beauty.  Many people have felt this unconsciously and had an allergic reaction to it.

I was clearly told that what the trees are undergoing is a necessary part of their own ascension;  I have learned the hard way to be sensitive to this potential as a healer.  When something is present in order to facilitate the breakdown of the old world energies so that things can ascend, I need to honor it.  It is so easy to judge apparent problems as the enemy, but this intensifies the issues rather than helping.

I have learned to approach the concerns I have about something, like the trees or political policies respectfully, and in a non-confrontational manner.  So I begin by centering in my own true self, and from there connecting with the Higher Power and simply asking — Is there something that needs my help in this situation?  This is the approach that we took when working with the trees and soil, and we were grateful that the answer was yes!

We were guided to work with the soil, and a particular fungus in the soil which causes problems with woody plants of all kinds.  It is currently most obvious in the maple trees, but it can effect any tree or woody plant.  The plants attempt to protect themselves from fungus infected soil by closing off pathways of nourishment through roots and branches which are infected.  This in turn causes the leaves to wilt, or fall off,  branches can become brittle and break off,  it may kill off sections of the tree or can kill the tree entirely.

Fungus is one of the bacteria designed to break down physical forms when they die.  This particular type of fungus has been with us since this world was re-seeded with life, at the beginning of history prior to Lemuria and Atlantis.  It was put here in preparation for this current time when the old world would be ready to break down so it could ascend into the new world.  Therefore it is doing its job.  Understanding this we had to begin our work by acknowledging and thanking it for doing what it was created to do.  It requires humility and trust to do this, let me tell you, because trees are some of my favorite beings in the universe and my momma bear instinct wants to jump to the defense and fight off the attack!  But humility and trust is what is needed in so many ways for all of us right now.  Persistence is also needed, but is best applied gently and respectfully.

So we asked the Higher Power to communicate our respect and gratitude to the fungus on our behalf and to remind it of its rightful purpose in the ascension process.  From there we were able to assist the Higher Power to bring it under control and modify its function so that it can only break down the trees and other woody plants as much as required for them to ascend.  We saw that there will come a time when this same fungus will ascend to become a positive influence in the ascension process; helping to bring things back to life in the new world.  In this way a positive relationship was built with the fungus for the greater good.  Once this new contract was in place, we perceived a future strength, wildness and happiness emanating from the trees.  It reminded me of being in a true wilderness and feeling the great power and benevolence that a healthy old growth forest has!

As this work came to such a positive conclusion, some of us felt our sinuses clear  🙂

Choosing to greet an apparent problem as an extension of the benevolent intentions of life, feels very good.  There is no pushing, resisting or stress when working with the issues, and it takes the fear out of the situation.  It builds positive relationships and allows things to work out for the greater good as easily as possible.  We can all approach any apparent problems in life with this awareness, it holds true no matter bad things may appear.  Whether in relationships with family, neighbors or co-workers; or between political parties, businesses and environmentalists, or races of people, these principles hold true. We can open doors of healing and ascension when we partner with the Higher Power to resolve things from a higher perspective; respectfully and with gratitude for all.  The time needed for things to resolve and the intensity of problems can be greatly diminished and eased.

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Thank you for sharing this post or liking it, and thanks for playing your part in the journey of ascension here on Earth!  I love you my friends, blessings to you, Eve

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