Claiming Power

The experience of being limited is an essential tool of the old world journey.  Claiming power and wholeness is a hallmark of the new world experience!  What we are undergoing right now is a changeover of power from the old world to the new.  The feeling of being restricted is often a symptom of ascension…you are recognizing a state within your old world self which desires to be freed and empowered!  This same state might have seemed normal and familiar — even perhaps comfortable??? — not so very long ago, so don’t judge yourself or feel it is a failure if you are faced with this challenge.  Realize that the restriction is not who you are, it is something you have had and are now preparing to overcome.

When we incarnate we come with a set of contracts for our experiences which our own true Higher Self in conjunction with those in spirit who love us and desire our greatest good, have prepared for us.  These contracts create opportunities within ourselves and within the world at large for our growth.  A large percentage of our soul contracts have been with us since the beginning of our evolution of soul and a significant number of those established restrictions that encourage us to grow in very important ways.  There are soul muscles which our Higher Self requires us to have so that it can live and act through our humanness.  Now as we begin to ascend more rapidly, we have intensified opportunities to master these aspects of ourselves, as the old world contracts which have almost reached their end, gasp out their final desperate influences in our lives.

Because the old world contracts have such a limited time left to complete their influences here, they are intensifying in their expressions.  We find this within our own bodies, minds and hearts, as well as in the world.  Don’t be put off by this!  If you are like most people, you think because you have been working hard to be spiritual, loving and good, you should not have to deal with these lower energies within yourself and the world around.  However, there are some greater levels of mastery needed, so embrace this experience and trust the process.  Everything is working out as it should.  People just have to strengthen their connection with their own Higher Self to be able to perceive more fully what is really going on.  Looking from the lower self, circumstances can be daunting.  Just one more reason to grow your relationship with your true self!

Here is an exercise to help you find increased unity with your Higher Self:

  • Breathe into your new world heart chakra in the middle of your chest, and center there as though you could look out at the world through your heart.  Allow your heart to open back and front to welcome unconditional love from your Higher Self.  Let this love fill body, aura and soul.
  • From that center of love and truth, open your heart to those elements of yourself that tend to feel disgruntled at life or disempowered.  Stay identified with the love of your Higher Self, which is who you are, but allow yourself to embrace the parts of you which are not yet living from that truth.  Invite the Higher Power to surround those parts of you and all their feelings.  Allow the feelings and judgments to be listened to objectively and without judgment, but also without agreement; just allow them to be loved and heard and felt, and all their energy surrounded with love.
  • Ask your Higher Self to help you understand the kernel of truth within these lower energies, and to help you find a new world response to that truth; one that will allow you to finally come into your power in these aspects of soul.
  • Wait a few minutes, and if understanding and clarity doesn’t come immediately, ask that the negative energies be supported to work out as lovingly as possible.  Then wait for clarity to come through your dreams, or the space between sleep and waking, or spontaneously in a new way of responding to life.  Be prepared to claim your power and find greater unity with your truth in doing so.

You are the wise one that lives within your body and soul.  Your body and soul are working to find a true partnership with you on every level.  There is truth within everything that you are, this exercise helps you find that kernel of truth and let it grow.

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Have a wonderful and increasingly empowered week my friends! Love, Eve

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