The Beautiful Seed of Unity

From the Source of all life there is planted within each creature and all of creation a seed of unity and wholeness.  The energy of this seed is exquisitely beautiful, light, strong, exceedingly gentle, powerfully influential, patient and true.  This seed is who you are, everything else is transitional and in process of becoming unified with this seed of truth within.

During the current phase of ascension, the seeds of unity are growing exponentially larger and stronger, bringing a great deal of shift in our lives.  In our bodies, souls, society and world, the energy of unity is bringing to the surface all old world states that are in need of transformation.  While this is happening, remember who you are, you are the seed, not the old world stuff that is clearing!  Honor the strength of unity which flows into our experience like clean water flowing into a dirty cook pot filled with old decaying food.  We know the pot is gross!  But when the water starts washing all that ick starts to float and overflow, and the whole sink gets filthy!  There is really no better way to get this job done, the dirt must rise and wash away.

Symptoms of this ascension phase include emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, planetary, social and cultural clearing, followed by ascension and rebuilding on a higher level.  I know you know this, and I also know you can’t really get too many reminders of what is really going on!  Try to relax and trust this process.  When you feel worried, fearful, judgmental, painful, unhealthy, limited or any other discomfort, think of that seed of unity and wholeness that is causing all this to rise and give thanks.

Welcome the unity with source that is already present within your body and soul.  Allow the exquisite qualities this presence exudes to bless your experience, and resting in that  welcome it to grow.  Ask it to acknowledge the presence of all other seeds of unity and help them to grow too, within our world and the circumstances around.  Please ask this from a place of respect for everything which is happening, rather than judgment.  Love the fear within yourself which makes you judge, and welcome your seed of unity to grow, so the fear can diminish.  This will align you with your true self and sweeten your experience.

As more old stuff rises to the surface we have many opportunities to choose what we will identify with.  Fear is the essence of the old world, and judgment is a seed of fear.  I am not suggesting that you stuff your awareness of what is toxic or harmful, merely to remember that everything is a part of the One, and everything has a purpose and a place.  Identifying with your true self, as a seed of unity and wholeness, can you meet toxic energy from a place of respect? I think so! With that respect present, you will be able to honor the seed of unity and wholeness that exists even where the toxicity is.  You can trust the clear water which is washing out that dirty metaphorical cook pot; clearing the filth and allowing the truth to emerge from within it.

I honor the seed of unity and wholeness within you, my friends!  If you are like me, you find this period of change brings lots of challenges.  I believe you are going to come through it all shining and stronger than ever!  Your human self will ascend further and further into unity with your seed of truth and all of this shift will be clearly seen for its tremendous gifts, and appreciated fully in due time.

On this Mother’s Day Weekend, I celebrate our beautiful and potent Mother Earth and all loving mothers be they people, critters or plants!

Thanks for sharing and Liking this post and commenting if you would like to share your thoughts or ask questions.  Much Love and Blessings, Eve

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