Summertime Ascension

Hello Ascending Friends!

The summer season brings a natural gift of ascension; the closeness of the sun pours cosmic wisdom and love into our world.  We can take advantage of this opportunity which brings us into greater unity with our higher truth; and in that unity we can receive seeds of wholeness which life would have us nurture and grow within our selves.

In his Calendar of the Soul, Rudolph Steiner wrote verses that, with the power of poetry, help us understand how the forces of the universe play out within the seasons of life on earth.  From early April through July, he writes about how the powers of light and love through the sun call us out of the limitations of our human mind, and help us find union with the divine.  In the fall we are returned to our more limited selves, bearing seeds of enlightenment to nurture within our souls.  He tells us in summer, to surrender our limited selves for a while and enjoy the expanded state.  So if you tend to feel more spacey, it is because you are being pulled into your spiritual self.  Take advantage of that and enjoy the freedom and unity of the experience.  You don’t have to escape into this expansion, just visit some during this season of beauty and light.

The energies of the planet are all expanding this season.  Where they were mostly deep underground in the dark of winter, the force of life is pushing outward and growing up into the light with joyful expression.  What is it that your own Higher Self would like to impart to you this summer from the lighter planes of your Being?  What gift of love will you receive from there to nurture within the womb of your human self during the fall and winter; and birth at Winter Solstice half a year away, like your own little Christ Child?  Some would say this seed is a piece your own facet of the Divine awakening into the life of the world; to bring light, hope and truth.  If you stay indoors this summer, or are too nose to the grindstone with work and responsibilities, what will you miss that desires to be awakened within you?

Isn’t this a beautiful excuse to enjoy the summer?  Give yourself permission to expand some, and let your heart be light and joyful!  It is a gift to yourself, but also to all of us for you to bring your piece of the divine into your human self through this process.

The Calendar of the Soul Verse for Sumer Solstice (June 21) is this:

The world in shining beauty

Compels me from the deeps of soul

That I release for world-wide flight

The godly force of my own life:

To leave my self behind,

And trusting, seek myself

Within the light and warmth of worlds.

Here in May, plan time to relax in nature this summer if you haven’t already done so!  It could be for a day, a weekend, a week… Plan time to calm your human striving and surrender to the experience of expansion into light.  Your soul was created out of light, and is nurtured and reminded of your true source when you embrace the warmth and light of summer.

Once a month you can meet with others of like mind and heart, and contribute to the ascension of the world and your own self as well.  Monthly Ascension Support Class begins its new series the evening of July 27th from 7:30 – 9:30 meeting every 4 weeks for 6 classes .  All are recorded should you be out enjoying summer on the day we meet!  We’d love to have you join us if you can in person or by phone or Skype.  Email me through my website to reserve your spot before they fill up!

The end of the school year is a perfect time to do a family healing with $10 off for the rest of May.  Help resolve conflicts now so you can enjoy more quality family time and grow into a lighter space together!

Thanks for Liking & Sharing so others can find!  Love and blessings to you this week,  Eve

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