Healing Abuse and Ascending Souls

During this summer solstice week a number of my healing and ascension treatment clients have brought to focus various types of childhood abuse.  Working with those issues from an ascension perspective I could see how generations of souls within their soul groups are now in position to begin re-contracting their experiences; then healing the past so in the future they can be born free of these challenges.

The aspect of this issue that I saw clearing was the way a person’s instinctual intelligence and wisdom gets twisted up when they are abused in childhood.  The twistedness is very deep and often hidden to others and even the survivors of abuse themselves. Some become especially fearful and limited, some will prey on others, and for some their strength of spirit grows strong and wise, but their ability to choose good relationships becomes confused. In all cases there is loss of innocence, power, freedom and love.

I followed my client’s soul groups to far in the past where these experiences were contracted for.  There we worked with the Higher Power to embrace these experiences across all lifetimes in unconditional love and forgiveness.  I saw a deeper level of forgiveness received and given than in the past, and a return to love and innocence for all in those particular soul groups.  This allows the twisted and blocked elements of people’s instinctual selves to untwist and open to unity with their Higher Selves.  It doesn’t impose that healing on anyone, but opens the door for them to experience it in their lives freely when they have completed their work with those issues.  Ascension speeds resolution of issues for all of us.

Challenges are contracted for at a higher level of a soul’s true self as a way to build necessary soul muscles and capacities.  Childhood abuse builds many particular gifts and strengths as people work through it.  I hesitate to list the gifts because I know they are different for each one.  But when the tasks are sufficiently fulfilled and the soul ascends; the damage heals and is released, but the gifts remain.  The deeply vulnerable levels a person experiences as a child and the instinctual confusion created by these traumas allow an awakening soul to wake up more deeply and completely than they might do otherwise.  It creates a lot of challenges that can lead to great strength, courage and enlightenment.

I was particularly struck by how the twisting of instincts causes confusion, fear, misunderstanding and poor choices; and was able to understand on a visceral level how insane that feels sometimes!  I celebrate that many souls will find it easier to be clear and access their own innate intelligence and personal wisdom as this work unblocks them and allows their truth to arise within.  Thank you to those who participated in this work with me, when one person is healed it benefits all of us!

Have a joyful and blessed week my friends!  Love, Eve



3 Responses to Healing Abuse and Ascending Souls

  1. Karlta says:

    This is a very important “behind-the-scenes” view of the role of any type of abuse. It is too simplistic to view it as evil and to be shunned. It is unpleasant in the extreme, but can also be used for the good when adequate support and healing are part of the picture. Thank you Eve for sharing this with us!!

  2. Eve Wilson says:

    One of the biggest leaps we have to make as we ascend is to recognize that who we truly are is never a victim. I speak from much personal experience here, as well as with those I have helped through this process. We are all eternal, safe and unbreakable, and those who have played the roles on the stages of our lives which have been most challenging, may be seen from the higher perspective as our greatest teachers; forcing us to realize our potential and ultimately to become free and whole.

  3. Eve Wilson says:

    Thanks Karlta, always good to read your thoughts 🙂

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