Envisioning the New World

Coming to know the new world is something we will experience one day at a time.  The vast change from old world normal, to new world normal, that we are making takes us far out of our box.  So in today’s blog I am going to do indulge my passion for envisioning the new world experience!

On June 16th I blogged about restoring unity between humans and nature.  To initiate that healing I had to return to the time of Lemuria, the Motherland; when we lived in unity, peace and innocence before we experienced what is often termed the fall.  Leaving that state of unity was necessary for us to mature as individuals.  However one of the most joyful changes I see coming in the new world is a return to an almost Lemurian state of innocence and unity; but with a much greater maturity and individuality.  Lemuria was like a nursery school, where our souls were open to everything and safely nurtured for a time. In the new world we will be co-creative partners with God and all life. I am going to meditate now on what elements of that early experience can be anticipated in our future!

During Lemuria all life existed on a higher plane of vibration, our bodies were what is often termed light-bodies.  We didn’t eat, and we could breath both under water or outside of it equally well.  I have a strong memory of riding dolphins, beautiful clear turquoise waters and clean – clean air.  All life forms were friends, conscious and free, even the plant life and the elements.  Water was a conscious being.  All of this and more will be known in the new world.

As I look ahead into the new world I am aware that each cell of our bodies will awaken to its own unique enlightened self and will become light.  That all individual conscious beings of whatever life form will know where and how they belong in relationship to the wholeness of life in each moment.  Each being will experience life in the way that fits for them, there will be no need for consensual reality, and no competition for what is the right thing for everyone.  Because we will be living in Light Bodies and the world will also be Light, it will allow each person to have their own experience in the right way for them that won’t impinge on the experiences of others; though experiences can be shared with others as desired.

Some of the other planets in our solar system have already ascended.  I have been told that Venus is one, but I have met and been befriended by a soul from Mars.  Ascended experience on Mars appears to my perception as deeply colored and rich, like a banked fire with deep jewel toned light, but neither hot nor dry (a poor analogy, but the best I could think of ).  My Martian friend says that our experience will be less fiery than theirs, more related to water; we have different life forms and unique aspects of life to explore.  However as we ascend the ability to teleport becomes our norm, and we will be able to step from Earth to Mars very easily, just as we will be able to step from Michigan to Hawaii or France with no effort if it is right for us to do so. What the Mars probes saw was a lower vibration, not the Light-Body world of Mars.

In the new world there will be no eating or killing or separation from the wholeness of life.  We will shift out of a life form as needed or return to Oneness for a rest and recharge, but our bodies won’t die, they will join us in our ventures and transform as necessary.  Because the energy will be light instead of carbon based, forms can change very easily in the new world.

All of these things may sound exotic and like if they happen it will be far into the future, but there are seeds of these changes already growing within us at this time.  Through telepathy and in our higher energy bodies we can already communicate and travel outside of space and time in what seem common or simple ways; as with Reiki energy, where you can send healing to anyone, any time!  Many have learned to do this in my classes as well as in other Reiki Master’s classes I presume, so it is a fairly common ability that some people may not recognize as a seed that is helping us ascend. My students in the Healer & Ascension Certification Course have learned to travel into the past and future and across lifetimes to bring healing where it is needed.  This is a type of early teleportation as well as being a telepathic skill.  Simple telepathic communication between humans or with our pets is  common; it will only take a little practice to expand these gifts!  As our energy bodies become lighter, these gifts continue to grow naturally.

After we expand our awareness into the past and the future, it is important to come back to the present and refocus here and now, so we don’t lose our balance and focus in life.  So I ask you to join me in releasing all other times and places and calling yourself by name back to where and when you are in the physical world now.

I think this is enough stretching of our consciousness for this post!  But here is one glimpse into our future that does not require me to be psychic…!  My book is finally coming through the proof phase and will be published by September!  Riding the Wave of Change – Hope Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World has been waiting while I took over a year for my own ascension work in preparation for publishing.  Thanks to all of you for your patience!  If you would like to be on the pre-list to purchase, I will email you when it is available and autograph it for you!  Just contact me through my website to get on the list; those who signed up previously are still on the list, so no need to do so again.  Riding the Wave of Change will be available in hard cover, paperback and e-book from Balboa Press.  I think you will find it a great read – light but deep, fun but serious, not too long, beautiful with original art and verses from Rudolph Steiner, containing Qabalah, visions, memories, information and tools to strengthen you on your ascension path.  It is a perfect companion to The Weekly Word Blogs.

There are still a few openings in the Monthly Ascension Support Class starting July 27th, is one of them yours?  Participants say it keeps them going, centered, filled with hope, and helps them overcome blocks and be true to their own selves.  It does all that and so much more, and we would love to have you participate if it feels right!  Each class is recorded, so missing is okay!  Email me through the website to enroll or for more information.

Thank you for joining me today, envisioning what life will be like in our future!  Love and blessings to you in the present, Eve



6 Responses to Envisioning the New World

  1. Valerie Hanson Albers says:

    Eve, as always your article is so spot on and beautiful…thank you! I’d like to get on the list for the new book please. Valerie

    • Eve Wilson says:

      Thanks Valerie! I will put you on the list 🙂

      • Eve Wilson says:

        Valerie, if you would not mind, please send your request for the book through the website, so I will have all the pertinent information to get in touch with you. Just use the link on this page and then the email eve form on the site. Alternately email me at evew@spiritualhealers.com . Thank you!

  2. Liz Squire says:

    Fabulous as always. Can not wait for the book!! And, the class in July. xxx

  3. Tyra Petoskey says:

    Thank you Eve! How wonderful ❤️

  4. Eve Wilson says:

    Thanks Valerie, Liz and Tyra! This is the fun part of the ascension process! Knowing we are going home to that place we have always known existed somehow, and felt disappointment that it wasn’t where we were! There is a light and the tunnel is not too long, just long enough 🙂 Love you guys! Eve

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