Nothing Is Personal

As a healer and ascension worker what the ascension process looks like is this:  everything is connected to everything else, whatever you grab ahold of to assist on its way out of the world to be healed and reborn, drags along with it a great deal of other stuff that is beginning to be released as well.  Like trying to grab one piece of spaghetti out of a slightly overcooked pot – you can’t just get one piece!

Now that we are actively ascending any issues you are working to resolve in your life are connected to many other people who need to resolve those same issues.  And what is happening to you is likely much more comprehensive in its implications than whatever the issues appear to be.  Every challenge you are dealing with, however small is connected to some emotional and mental stuff you haven’t resolved that wants to be worked out, and it in turn is connected with hereditary stuff that has been stuck in your family line, and in turn that is connected with people in the countries and cultures that your family comes from, and that  is part of the old contracts that have been in your soul groups since before this world was born back in another world altogether, and those soul contracts were created for very explicit reasons to challenge people across lifetimes, ages, worlds, centuries and generations to develop soul muscles and potentials that are needed for what we will do in the new world experience!  Wow!  Sticky cosmic and planetary spaghetti!  Nothing is personal!  Everything is part of this larger outworking.

The symptoms that challenge you currently can feel more heavy and overbearing than seems reasonable because of being connected to that larger pot of spaghetti.  Alternately, when you handle it from a higher perspective where there is enough muscle to work it out and you realize that it isn’t all about you, it often resolves with delightful speed and ease!  This is so important for you to remember, so you don’t get stuck in the overwhelmed state thinking the problem is all about you.  Nothing is personal, whatever you are working on is pulling a lot of other people up and out of the dark sticky old world experience!

I would like to teach you a way to access the higher levels of spiritual muscle and unconditional love that can help you to get out from under all that sticky spaghetti and in so doing resolve your personal challenges!  It would be much easier to teach this live in a class, but I feel guided to put it here for those of you who are feeling up to working with this tool through this format.  If you don’t feel ready, or if it is hard to read it and do it too, that’s okay, perhaps we can do it together sometime in a personal session or class! First a description and definition of terms, followed by step by step instructions:

Within you is  your Inner Wisdom.  Your Inner Wisdom is a focus of your Higher Self which created this body and this life.  It in turn is part of the Higher Power.   The Higher Power is a name for the Oneness, or what I often call the essence of truth of God (the clearest focus of the One accessible at a given time, rather than someone’s religious ideas of what that is).  Each of these different levels of true self: Inner Wisdom, Higher Self, Higher Power have a direct line of connection to each other.  It is easiest for you to access your Inner Wisdom, but this part of you may not always be big enough to handle the entire clump of spaghetti that is wrapped around your particular challenges.  So you work through your Inner Wisdom to connect with your Higher Self, who has a lot more muscle and who can partner with the Higher Power to do the big job.  If you try to do it from your personal self you will either frustrate or hurt yourself.  So here is a procedure you can use to access the higher levels of muscle needed to help you heal and ascend your life!  If this doesn’t work for you, then you may need professional healing and ascension help with some issues.  But for many of your personal challenges you may find this very effective and it will give you a fuller awareness of who you really are as well!  You are a facet of the Higher Power living in a human body and life!

I recommend this tool for personal challenges, such as pain, illness, financial challenges or relationship issues, emotional reactiveness, or addictions.  However, I don’t recommend that you try to use this for other people including family members, or outer world things which bother you such as politics, planetary healing or societal issues; unless you have taken my Healer & Ascension Certification Course and have been trained to work on the bigger issues.  This is powerful healing because it allows the Higher Power to enter the situation and resolve it.  Please don’t try to do this with by visualizing it with your third eye which doesn’t have the muscle for this level of work and may get strained by trying; just  follow the instructions to make the connections and let The Higher Power handle the energy and focus of the work. 

Read all instructions first then go back and try this tool.

  • Breathe into your body and give yourself a big hug inside like you are hugging someone wonderful, which you are.  This helps you to get into your body, which is necessary for this to work.
  • Allow your breathing to bring your focus to the middle of your chest and your new world heart chakra.  Center there as though you were looking out at the world through your heart chakra and step back until you feel centered around your spine, as though it were the middle of you, not your back.  This puts you into the middle of your aura.
  • There you will find a calm place in which to access your Inner Wisdom, which is your personal facet of the Higher Power, or essence of truth of God.  Invite your Inner Wisdom to expand within you.  Let yourself rest in that wholeness for a moment.
  • Feel like you are a tree with deep roots and high branches and a large trunk protecting you.  Let your Inner Wisdom deepen and widen the roots until you feel stable enough to stay grounded while you work spiritually.  If you don’t feel good and  grounded after this step, don’t try the rest of the exercise.
  • Invite your Inner Wisdom to open a connection to your Higher Self, which comes in through your crown chakra.
  • Anchor deeply into the roots of your tree, and let them expand and deepen just a bit before you do this next step:  From your Inner Wisdom, ask your Higher Self to call on the Higher Power or essence of truth of God to surround the issue you are wanting to resolve in all of its elements:  personal and beyond personal.  Don’t try to visualize this because you could hurt yourself if you try to do it with your third eye. Simply ask and then step back into your tree and allow the Higher Power do it; from there you can observe without trying to direct things.  Allow the Higher Power to surround all of it, don’t try to control how big, just let it take charge.  Stay focused and grounded in your tree and let The Higher Self and Higher Power Work.  You will know it is working and big enough when you feel a lightening of your burden, as though it is lifted off of you.  You may feel some immediate improvement in physical discomfort if there is any.
  • From your Inner Wisdom, ask your Higher Self to work with the Higher Power to resolve all of these things in the best way and time for everyone effected, as easily and gently as optimal.  At this point you may begin to feel a happiness and peace about the issues.
  • Ask your Inner Wisdom what you can do to resolve your personal elements of these concerns.  Be open for the understanding to come immediately as an inner knowing or intuitive message; or perhaps to come to you in quiet times or upon awakening from sleep.
  • When you are finished ask your Inner Wisdom to release everything that is not you into the care of the Higher Power.  Then ask that all your energies be brought back to personal focus within your tree and your Inner Wisdom.  Ask that your third eye and all chakras be refocused to personal, so you are ready to do whatever you need to do next. Call yourself by name back to the present time and place and ask that all your personal boundaries be restored.
  • When you do whatever it is that is required for your own part of this healing, it will help everyone else who is connected with these issues as well.  So the healing and ascension comes both from within the individual and from the Higher Power when you work with it in this way.

There are a couple of openings left in the Monthly Ascension Support Class starting July 27th, where we help you and the world heal and ascend easily and gently.  Your personal challenges become the initiator for giving assistance to your soul group and the planet.  Contact me through the website link on this page to reserve a spot.

Enjoy the beautiful week my friends!  Love and Blessings, Eve

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