Sandhill Cranes Message

Hello Ascending Friends!

My favorite ascension event for this week was a conversation with 3 Sandhill Cranes who were present along Hwy 23 as I headed north.  I have had a special relationship with Sandhills as a birdwatcher which includes a number of awesome sightings of these very interesting friends; everything from exotic mating dances, to tiny offspring, to upwards of 20,000 roosting in boisterous migration gatherings.  But as an ascension worker I have learned that they provide an opening for us to access the sphere of Chokmah on the Qabalah Tree of Life.  Chokmah is called the Father God by many, and I call it the Cosmic Christ and the state of being an Ascended Master.  It is the aspect of consciousness which is closest to Oneness with the Creator, but is at the same time individual.  I also call this place HOME – when you connect with it, you know your Unity with all of life and the Creator and there is great peace, aliveness and joy.  When you listen to the sound of Sandhill Cranes flying in a group, their undulating flight and pure voicing of their calls create a direct path to Chokmah.

But these are things I have known for some time.  What was new was the message that I received that it is time for Sandhill Cranes to ascend fully!  This means that they may appear to diminish in numbers somewhat for a time as they leave their old world bodies behind.  Their old world bodies were not created to ascend so they are fine leaving them behind, but their higher levels of aura and their souls will ascend.  However, once they have manifested in the new world, they will return to us in new world bodies to assist us to ascend; paving the way for us to connect to our new world home which will be one with Chokmah.  Thank you dear Sandhill Cranes!  May your path home be smooth and beautiful.

I am happily anticipating the next Monthly Ascension Support Class series which starts next Thursday!  These are such joyful events, bringing us into that beautiful new world experience with ease and grace!  There are 2 openings left, and that is fine, but in case you have been thinking of joining us there is still time!  Email me through my website and I will be happy to reply!

Have a joyful week my friends!  Love and Blessings, Eve

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