Archangel’s Help

Lately I have noticed again that during the personal ascension process, a body can become fatigued, toxic, sore or stiff.  Recognize this as a symptom of your ascension, and know that it is something that will pass as you do!  Two of our wonderful Archangel friends have offered to help with this when you ask.  If you ask for the essence of truth of Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel they will come.  Below is a way to optimize the experience:

  • Start by giving yourself an inner hug all the way through your whole body
  • Then breathe into your Inner Wisdom which is deep within your new world heart chakra in the middle of your chest and back along your spine.  It feels clear and open when you arrive in that place.  Invite it to expand and fill you.
  • Imagine yourself as a tree with deep roots and high branches and centered in a strong trunk, let your roots be deep and wide enough to hold you steady so you can work with these mighty spiritual Beings to clear old world debris.
  • From your Inner Wisdom deep within your heart chakra, ask that the essence of truth of Archangel Michael and the essence of truth of Archangel Gabriel will assist you to clear and heal.
  • Ask them to flush from your body, aura and soul the old world baggage, toxicity, debris and anything else you need to release at the current time.  Ask it to be cleared from your body, emotions, mind, spirit and aura as needed.  You can get specific about asking for help in particular aspects of body if needed; such as blood, liver, kidneys, intestines, lymph, joints and skin which are generally the most impacted by stuff that you are trying to clear out of your system, but you aren’t limited to those requests.
  • Breathe, stay grounded and be quiet for half an hour while you let them work.  Then thank them and release them to their optimal relationship to you for normal life (it doesn’t support you to have them in your personal field for extended periods, they are too strong an energy, so you release them).
  • Then center again in your Inner Wisdom and the imagination of the tree and feel yourself ground.   Ask your Inner Wisdom to fill you with your own true self and help you claim your new world body and aura.
  • Then ask your Inner Wisdom, which is a part of you that knows how to do everything, to refocus all your physical, emotional, mental and psychic energies in the present moment, and balance you for what you need to do next.

After this work you may feel tired but more peaceful and relaxed.  Take it easy for a bit if you can.  A snack, meal, nap or a walk may be in order to help you be ready for what you need to do next.

Have a gift of a week my friends!  Thanks for visiting and for sharing this post if it pleases you to do so, or liking it on Facebook!  Love and blessings,  Eve

2 Responses to Archangel’s Help

  1. Liz Squire says:

    This is LOVELY!! And, oh so true. I have been tired for a time, sore more than usual and wondering if it was the ascension. Thank you Eve.xx

  2. Eve Wilson says:

    Lovely for me too, Liz! After this post went out I felt a lot less pain myself today! Often pain is a message that there is something I need to do for the world. Grateful for all of you who responded by using this tool so my load was lightened too 🙂 Love and Blessings, Eve

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