What Do You Trust?

August 7ths full moon impulse supports you in coming home increasingly to your ascended self.  We are all at individual stages in this process, and each forward step brings us a bit deeper into our ascended experience.  We are somewhat in the old world and somewhat ascended each step of the way, and what we experience in our daily moments has a great deal to do with which of these “realities” we are trusting just then.

These two states of being are out of synch with each other, so when you are focused in the old world you can’t perceive the new world; this may make it seem seem pie in the sky or far-fetched.  Likewise when you are focused in the new world the old world is clearly a temporary stage for our development which is passing away and the new world is so much more real and makes so much more sense.

Which experience do you trust?  Does the fearful, limited and destructive old world hold your attention and draw you in?  Do you have beautiful moments of freedom, joy, love and truth which call you on to your next step of ascension?  I expect most people reading this post can say yes to both of those statements.

Living in the new world experience is a choice that you can make even now, during this time when the old world is still very active in our lives.  It can be as simple as centering within your new world heart chakra, in the middle of your chest, and asking to live in your new world self.  When you do this you will find that there is a shift in your experience and everything seems brighter, easier and more hopeful.  You will feel more trusting of life!

You may need to refresh this intention multiple times during the day sometimes, but it is simple enough to do.  Doing so is an act of trust in the new world which is growing within you, within our world and throughout the cosmos.  Each time you do this it not only helps you, but makes it easier for all of us to find the foundation of the new world to be increasingly solid, real and trustworthy.  You are a blessing in the world!

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Love and blessings for a productive full moon phase this week my friends!  Eve



3 Responses to What Do You Trust?

  1. Marc says:

    Great message. Adding this one to my daily practice for sure!

  2. Tyra Petoskey says:

    Thank you Eve for these inspiring words! I look forward to reading your post every week as it helps me re-center. Kudos to you! ❤️🙌☀️

  3. Eve Wilson says:

    Thank you Marc and Tyra 🙂 It’s nice to know! Love and Blessings, Eve

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