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This Blog was just chosen as one of the 75 best Healing Blogs in the World by Feedspot!  Check out the link on my Facebook to see the site if you want.  Also Riding the Wave of Change – Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World has been submitted for printing and will be available to purchase within a matter of weeks from Balboa Press!  I will keep you posted!  What a great day 🙂  There has been so much going on with ascension this week, I had to choose what to share.  However, when it came down to it, there was really no contest for the first choice on this one!!!

During a healing session last night for two dogs — I was asked to work on their relationship, being an older dog and a puppy — a stunning ascension event occurred for all dogs!  One impact of this event that is peripheral in one sense, but completely central in another is the way this shift will benefit people through our relationships with our dog friends.

The younger dog was completely engrossed in her instinctual animal self, and her Higher Self was unable to get through all that puppy energy to communicate with her.  I asked if she would like to have an upgrade to strengthen that connection, and received a strong approval for that.  So I made the connections to allow her Higher Self to initiate that change.  During that transition I perceived a large field of energy related to dogs throughout the world which showed me the darker side of dogs and how they can be mean.  I perceived that without the Higher Self being strengthened this could be a minor issue with this dog, but that this was an opportunity to work with this potential within all dogs.  So I asked the One Source which I call the essence of truth of God — beyond anyone’s ideas of God, the clearest and truest focus of the One Source available — to surround and take charge of that darkness for all dogs.

Now I have often said that dogs are my easiest clients, and what I saw next once again proves that statement!  All that dark energy disappeared to my spiritual perceptions, and in its place was a smooth, beautiful, calm clarity, very spiritual.  I don’t think I ever saw something shift so quickly and thoroughly before!  What we can expect is that the Higher Selves of dogs will be able to work through the instinctual animal bodies, auras and souls more consistently and effectively than ever before.  It seems like they will be less slavish in their relationship to humans and more true to themselves.  So that when humans are not being kind and intelligent with them, they will have inner resources to stabilize their true nature, and help them respond with kindness, wisdom and strength beyond what they could before.  Some dogs have had this level of wisdom and love all along, but even they will find it easier to be present in their lives and to work with God to help people heal instead of just taking our burdens onto their own shoulders.  Each dog will receive this shift at their own pace, so I am excited to watch how it will unfold in the world.

Dogs frequently are vessels for their Higher Selves which are often our spirit guides, their jobs being to teach us to love unconditionally.  This work will strengthens that connection and makes that job much easier and more effective for them.  I also foresaw the group ascension of dogs in the future moving quickly and smoothly because of this shift we made yesterday.  I feel they will stay here with us rather than move directly into the new world, to help us ascend more easily too.  That is their nature and their love.

I am saying thank you to all the dogs in the world.  Each of you is a wonderful and invaluable gift in our lives.  I know that you can’t read this post, but that you can hear my message because you are all telepathic.  Know that you are very loved by me and many others as we celebrate you and this shift that is happening within you!!!!

Thank you for Liking this post on Facebook and sharing it with others in whatever way that feels right!  Have a joyous week my friends and remember to celebrate with your dog friends if you have them!  Their Higher Selves are able to be more present than every before!  Love and Blessings, Eve




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