The Alchemy of Ascension

The political/social/environmental scene continues to heat up on planet Earth.  These challenges are the product of oppositional forces that have been at work since the beginning of time.  They hold a higher intention of developing the potentials necessary when we ascend.  As we wind down the old world journey and embark upon the new world experience, those of us who are healers and ascension workers seek to assist the transitions to be gentle.  However, gentle is very much a relative term in this context!

When I observe these oppositional forces across the eons,  they appear as though they were shot out of the One Source like pinballs being shot into a pinball machine – wild but purposeful in their direction.  But there are multiple pinballs and they bounce off of each other forcing each to move in directions they would otherwise avoid by preference.  In so doing they cause each other to develop in ways that they wouldn’t otherwise.

The oppositional factions in our own country at this time clearly stem from these influences careening from the beginning of creation; only their role is now in transition – changing from the make each other grow job, into the break down the old world job.  The old world which includes everything we knew in the past, has to lose power and crumble in many ways in order to free us up to ascend.  It is an inevitable process and the oppositional sides both have their role in this change.  While I have my own preferences as to faction, from the higher perspective I understand the absolute value of each.  I am calling this process the alchemy of ascension.  Like two chemicals in a scientists crucible this chemistry set is heating up the process which breaks down the old so the new can be born.  So there is no blame to anyone in this journey.

As a healer and ascension worker my goal is to facilitate the alchemy from a spiritual level, so that the heat of change can be a bit cooler and yet we still reach the desired goal – only faster than if things were not influenced by healing.  It takes a strong and grounded will, but one guided by the Higher Power to work without judgment and fear; but with trust, gentleness and unconditional love.  I enjoyed working over recent weeks both with our current government, and also with those who are working to oppose its actions.  I was allowed to strengthen the presence of the Higher Power of unconditional love within the circumstances; and to help release some of the roots of hatred, fear, jealousy and greed for all of us.  Across lifetimes and worlds these oppositional forces have been  duking it out.  I was allowed to upgrade contracts for some of those on Earth and also in spirit that influence these current dynamics.  This allowed many of these forces to be integrated with the Higher Power, so they will be permitted to only help with the ascension process; and to do as little damage as is necessary to achieve their goals.  There are many layers to these issues, so I will continue to address them as I am permitted to do so.

It is sad, but we must allow the world we love to break down enough so that it can be ascended into the new world state.  It takes effort to remember this when fear and anger take hold.  But if you can do so, identify with your own Higher Self and instruct your heart and mind to relax and trust.  Then try to enjoy what you can in each moment… love your life and all those who live in this world, each playing their necessary roles.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t play your own role; expressing your point of view and supporting what you believe in.  But remembering the alchemy of ascension, you will be better able to stay outside of the fear/hatred/blame/judgment dynamic and act from unconditional love.  When you do you will feel good about yourself, the world and all those who live here.

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I am welcoming the forces of unconditional love in this world to support you, to awaken the wisdom within you and ease your way this week my friends!

Much love and blessings, Eve

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