Layers of Darkness Breaking Through Into Light

During the transition between old world and new world we are living in both worlds simultaneously. The new world comes in like a tide, a little stronger with each wave, and the old world draws us back over and over, but a little bit less each time.  This is what I am seeing in spirit as I look with the Healer’s eye — the diminishing power of the old world as the new world grows stronger, day by day.  What we see in the physical world can seem as though the old world is getting stronger; but what you actually are observing is the momentum of the old world ways persisting out of habit, and due to lack of understanding of where life is taking us.

The symptoms of the passing of the old world could also be described as a healing crisis — like when a body has to go through a purge of toxic energies caused by some disease, but on a much larger scale.  This effects everything from global warming and its intensified weather patterns, to our social/economic/political climate, to our personal experience physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Kind of like having a collective flu virus!  I know this process can be intimidating and even downright scary, so this post is about how to hold greater peace, balance, wholeness, happiness and stability during this process which is going to continue for a while yet!

Some days you awaken in your shiny newest – new world self; feeling awesome, confident and blessed to be alive!  This is the new world wave thrusting victorious upon the sands of life.  It is a reward for your latest piece of ascension work for you to enjoy; you have earned it!

Some days you may find yourself burdened by a sense of doom, darkness, tiredness, achiness or toxicity.  This is an old world wave pulling you back.  However, the movements of old world and new world are lifting these energies to the surface to be washed away.  What feels like being pulled back, is really a layer of darkness being pulled off of you.  So it is essential that you hold onto your true self and allow the old to pass, rather than identifying with it and being pulled under with the undertow of the old world passing.

It is challenging when you see the hurricanes and other disasters happening around.  You can feel sympathy with those who are suffering and fear of the changes, and this drags you down into the old world vibration.  Sympathy is a shared resonance, where one vibration creates a matching vibration within something else.  Like a tuning fork can set a pulse of positive energy through your body and aura helping you tune to a healthy vibration.  But sympathy can often do the opposite, it can cause someone to be tuned to a problem another is having, until there becomes two with that problem at least energetically.  This multiplies the problem which doesn’t help the world ascend.

Empathy is compassionate understanding of another person’s problems, but allows the person who is empathizing to maintain their own state of well-being.  From that state of well-being we can continue to build the new world, and support those who are undergoing intense change by providing a vibration of hope and wellness, to aid them through the darkness so they can break through into the light.  They can experience a sympathetic resonance with the new world as they connect with us, because we are living increasingly in that state.  Staying positive and in the new world is a deliberate choice for most of us at this time when there isn’t a lot of positive energy in the world around; everything is stressed by the changes.  This is actually beneficial because one of our big goals during ascension is the increase of sovereignty.  This means that all of the capacities of body, emotion, mind and spirit are resonating with your individual Higher Self.  Through that resonance your Higher Self becomes master/mistress of your capacities and they in turn are able to function in new ways which are much more whole and versatile than ever before.  So the fact that we can’t relax and get all those good vibes from our environment to sustain us, actually helps motivate us to reach that masterful experience which is our destiny.

We are all eternal, safe and unbreakable!  Remember this when you or someone you care about are undergoing intense changes.  The true you will only benefit by these experiences and the old world you has to pass away.  Better to ride these changes with an attitude of trust than to fight it.  You can say this to yourself – I am eternal, safe and unbreakable and so is everyone else!

Remember to stay centered within the wheel of change.  As it goes around and up and down, stay in the calm center rather than getting caught in the highs and lows and the centrifugal force of the outer wheel experience!  Who you are is a unique facet of the Essence of Truth of God.  This you is who your human identity is ascending into unity with.  So below is a phrase to help you to own that if you like!  Essence of Truth means the clearest focus of something that is available to us at each stage of our ascension.  So it keeps getting clearer as we get clearer!  I use this term also to help bypass any religious ideas of what God is.  Please use a different word for God if you prefer, such as One, Source of Life, Great Spirit etc.

The Essence of Truth of God is within me, and I am within the Essence of Truth of God.

You can practice this statement, saying it from deep within your heart and belly and centered around your spine, where your Inner Wisdom already holds a resonance of that truth.  In so doing you can expand that resonance to fill and surround you.  This brings you into your new world self in a strong way and provides ballast and cushion between you and the old world experiences.  From there you can be helpful and empathic while resonating the vibration of the new world and helping others to break through into the light.  It isn’t necessary to tell them about the new world if they aren’t in a place to understand it yet; just increasingly being there yourself can be enough.

I wrote Riding the Wave of Change – Hope Healing and Spiritual Growth For Our World to help people understand and embrace the journey of change with trust and confidence in life. I felt honored when best Selling Author Annette Aben called it “a light to pierce fear’s darkness and connect us with the everlasting light of love.” I hope you will enjoy it and share it with those who are ready to see things in this light!  You can get it at or at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore on the shelf or at the Launch Party on Sunday October 8th 12:30 – 3:00 — RSVP if you know you are coming through the email Eve link on the website, thank you 🙂

Thanks so much for sharing this post and commenting if it pleases you to!  May your coming week bring you a deeper sense of your eternal, safe and unbreakable true self!  Love and blessings to you, Eve


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