Only an Illusion

The old world energies are all smoke and mirrors.  There is no point in fighting with them; when you do, you just give them energy and make them seem powerful when in fact they are already in the process of dissipating like smoke as the world ascends to a higher level.

Whenever you are experiencing something that just seems wrong for you, invite God into it, to surround all the energy associated with it in God’s unconditional love.  Ask that the old world energies would give way to the new world energies at exactly the right time for each person affected.  Then open your heart to the new world energies and let yourself live in the new and let God resolve the old in the right way and time.

Reiki Attunements can provide a powerful shift into the new world energies, helping you let go of the old easily.  Join us for Reiki I on Sept. 22, Reiki II on Oct. 13, and Reiki III Master on Nov.  3 & 10!  You can do one level or all – reserve your spot now using the following link:

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