A Core of Clarity, Truth and Peace

Your new world self is a core of clarity, truth and peace within the chaos of the ascension process.  It is always there at the core of yourself.  When it feels like the chaos has swallowed you up, follow these steps to stand in your truth and peace.

Imagine you are stepping back into yourself until you feel like you are as far behind your spine as in front of it; this is a place of centering where you will find your new world self more easily.  Then seek your inner wisdom deep within your heart chakra back toward your spine and you’ll find a clear center of truth radiating from that place.  Ask your inner wisdom to center you within your new world self and feel the chaos recede.

Reiki Attunements, received during the Reiki Classes help you to be stronger in your core truth and will support you during this transition.  Sign up now for one or all three levels, whatever works for you!  Click here to register:  evew@spiritualhealers.com

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