How the Light Gets In

Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in

This quote from the poem/song “Anthem” by Leonard Cohen was the theme for a book by Louise Penny, who has won an outrageous number of awards for her books (read them if you haven’t, they are good spiritual entertainment disguised as mystery).  It inspired my blog for today.

The world we are living in seems to be full of cracks and holes and so much that is falling apart or doesn’t make sense.  We could find that discouraging if we didn’t have a spiritual perspective on things.  This poem says it directly – where there is a crack, that’s how the light gets in!  As a healer and ascension worker, I know this to be true.

Where we are not in control, where we are vulnerable, that is where our higher nature can influence our lives; it is where things can change, the old fall away and the new can be born.

Another beautiful point Louise made in her book is that where we have been broken, that is where we can be the strongest.  Where you have to work hard to overcome weaknesses, hardships, disappointments, cruelty, that is where you can find the strength to live in your integrity and to partner with God.  You learn where your strength lies in truth and you can begin to live from there.

You are a gift wrapped in the disguise of the old world experience.  You are in process of being unwrapped.  Don’t identify with the paper!  It is what is inside that is of value and it is precious beyond your ability to comprehend.  Let life unwrap you and help you find out who you are!  In truth, you are eternal, safe and unbreakable.

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Love and blessings on your journey over the coming week!  Eve

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