Balancing Light and Dark

Dear Ascending Friends, Happy Spring!

Yesterday was the spring equinox, the time when day and night are in perfect balance on the planet.  This can be reflected within our lives with a combination of light and dark elements to our experiences.  These could show up as equal parts of fear and hope, depression and excitement, impatience and trust or whatever.

Whatever you are experiencing you can lift both sides of the equation by welcoming your own inner wisdom to embrace both polarities and welcome God within to help you hold both of them in love and in harmony.  This helps you stand in your power and truth no matter what you are feeling at the moment.  No need to stuff or fight, just embrace and be connected to your inner wisdom, which is God within your own self.

Your inner wisdom is most easily found initially deep within your heart chakra in the middle of your chest, as a still, clear place of wholeness and peace.  As you get used to living centered there, you can expand that awareness of your truth by inviting your inner wisdom to awaken a focus of it’s self within other places in your body/aura.  We call these little focusses of your inner wisdom balance points, and they help you to ground more strongly into your truth.  Then when you are pulled in different directions by life, you can hold steady and respond with balance and strength.

Breathing into your inner wisdom, deep within your heart chakra, bring all your senses to focus there, as though you were looking out at the world through your heart chakra.  When you feel centered and relaxed there, ask your inner wisdom (who knows how to do everything) to awaken a smaller focus of itself about 2 inches behind your waist.  Then bring your focus down to that area and wait there and allow a feeling of focus and truth to awaken in there.

Now you will have two focusses of inner wisdom awake within yourself and it is a big help.  Connect to both your inner wisdom within your heart, and then ask for the focus point in back of your waist daily.  This will help you generate more energy throughout your day and complete your day feeling more whole and relaxed.

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Love and Blessings, Eve

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