Supermoon Experience & Essence of Truth

Hi Everyone!  I have a cool experience to share from last week’s “super moon”!  I didn’t know there was such a thing, but I sure experienced it!

Thursday night, my energy was high vibration after teaching my Healer & Ascension Class anyway.  And then the moon was so strong!  All night I felt like I was in the waves, salt water, washing back and forth, couldn’t settle to sleep, just very stimulated.

After a few hours, I finally realized that it wasn’t something wrong with me, I was just plugged into the earth and the effect of the full moon (which I later found out was the closest it will be this year to the planet).  So while I felt so connected to the oceans anyway, I decided to visit with the whales.  Wow!!!!  They were so clear and present and fun 🙂  It was as though they had been waiting for me to notice them and making waves in my energy field.  I love them so much!  These wise Divine Beings are one with God while in their physical bodies and they are helping to redesign the planet; while working to smooth the process for us all.  We did some work together, had a joyful time doing it and then I finally was able to sleep around 5:30 AM.

I also wanted to share with you that the big thrust in ascension right now is the re-contracting of all  misleading energies that have kept us focused in our little lives and separate from the unity that is our true nature and source of life.

As this is occurring, what people are noticing is that there is a lot of dishonest, misleading, confusing and interfering energy around!  Whether in your relationships, work or meditations, you may become aware of it.  It has been here all along; what is happening is that you are starting to realize it!

So when you meditate or try to make decisions, always ask to connect with the essence of truth… of yourself, of God, of your guides.  Center deep within your heart, back toward your spine and open to the flow of life, then ask for the essence of truth.  When you are trying to discern what is true or not from others, trust yourself; within you, you do know the truth.  The biggest challenge to recognizing that is to let go of your judgments about it and your agendas about what you want.

Believe in yourself, even if you would rather believe the misconceptions others project.  It is safer to trust yourself, because you will be right!

September starts another round of Reiki classes!  Watch for the flyer with dates and early registration coupon.  Always on Saturdays and always the best and most precise attunements to support your healing and ascension.  My Reiki classes really stimulate your spiritual growth and evolution, and Reiki is the handiest set of tools for daily survival and support that I have ever seen.  I’d love to share it with you!!  Love and Blessings on your journey this week, Eve

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