Changing Identity

As you ascend your sense of self has to shift from separate and limited to eternal and whole.  There are many shifts that are taking place like the steps on a stairway; each one leading you into a higher focus of truth.

With each step you take up the ascension stairway, you leave behind part of who you were before.  This can cause you to feel odd; perhaps a bit disconnected and temporarily disoriented or empty.  When you feel these things, it means you are ascending and it is temporary, so know that all is well.

You can respond to this situation by orienting toward The Essence of Truth of The One Source or God and welcoming your own individual facet of that truth to live within yourself.  A helpful meditation that I use goes like this:  God is within me and I am within God (feel free to substitute another preferred name or term for what I am calling God – which to me is that One Source which lives within each individual life form in creation).  This meditation creates a feeling of comfort, safety and unity and is good any time for any circumstance, but especially when you feel the way I mentioned above.

The attunements you receive during my Reiki Classes to awaken your Reiki Channel, also raise you into greater unity with your true source within you and all around you.  The attunements clear blocks and old contracts you are ready to let go of, allowing deep healing and growth.  Reiki I does this for your body and takes place on 9/27, Reiki II does this for your emotion and mind on Oct. 25, and Reiki III Master does this for your soul and spirit on Nov. 8 & 15.  Classes are Saturdays from 10 AM – 2 PM.  To enroll email .  Wishing you greater unity and truth with each passing day and each step up the stairway of ascension! Love and Blessings, Eve Wilson

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