How It Works

The processes of healing and ascension are a partnership like the relationship of fingers to the hand; they appear to be inseparable at this time, each function supporting the other.  To explain how this process works, I will begin with a … Continue reading


Love and Anger

Love and anger are two world forces.  Love increases and builds, anger breaks down and changes.  We can see these two as partners within us and work with them together to achieve balance. Culturally we treat these two as oppositional … Continue reading


Full Moon Blessing

The moon is coming full on Saturday, so I asked her what the gift is that she brings us this time.  She told me “growing strong” is the opportunity which she is empowering within our lives as her blessing to … Continue reading

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Ascension Viruses Are Good!

For some time now, I have been aware that viruses are acting as ascension instigators.  I had the opportunity this week to learn more about that interesting process which is uncomfortable but very effective! The stomach flu that has been … Continue reading

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Essentials of Ascension

It occurs to me that what is happening in our world right now is the equivalent of the unconditionally loving universe treating our reality like a beach towel that needs a good shake to get the sand out of it!  During this good shaking that … Continue reading


Nurturing The New World

Here is a simple way to nurture the new world experience in your life! You are living in both the old world and new world simultaneously during the ascension process.  During this double reality period, you can focus yourself in the … Continue reading


Truly Potent

Hello my partners in ascension! I had a lovely conversation with the collective soul of songbirds today.  They showed me that they are actively ascending right now!  This may temporarily diminish their numbers in the old world, but once they arrive … Continue reading


Work Your Truth

As I meditated today, asking what to share with you this week, I was told to ask you to work your truth.  The implication of this is that now is a time to let the universe know you are sincere in your desire for the … Continue reading

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