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Your true self is eternal.  You have always existed and you will always exist; because you are a unique facet of the One Source of Life which is eternal.  It is so easy for us to become identified with the temporary … Continue reading

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Essentials of Ascension

It occurs to me that what is happening in our world right now is the equivalent of the unconditionally loving universe treating our reality like a beach towel that needs a good shake to get the sand out of it!  During this good shaking that … Continue reading


Dancing In the New World

A fascinating element of the ascension process relates to how energy has been generated in the old world and how that is shifting as we enter the new world.  Since I have been working with this lately, it seems like a good time … Continue reading

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Truth and Lies

Wherever you are today, you are further along the path to ascension than yesterday; there are many steps to take on this journey, so plan to enjoy the process! The old world is built of lies.  It tells you that you are … Continue reading

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Ascending Spring

Hi Ascending Friends! I heard from some people by email – alas, the comments system is still not right, thanks to you who tried, we are working on it! – but I was happy to hear from those by email … Continue reading

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You Are Whole

Hello Ascending Friends! On the level of your Higher Self, you are already whole.  Your human self is in process of joining with that wholeness so you can live there!  This is the journey of ascension. Lately our ability to clear blocks … Continue reading

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Identity Shift

One significant shift that ascension requires of us is a change of identity.  Where in the past people have mostly thought of ourselves as bodies and personalities, the jobs we fulfill, or our roles within our families and communities; ascension lifts … Continue reading

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New World Spirituality

A big healing and ascension process is taking place right now in relationship to human spirituality.  For most of our history on earth, people’s spirituality has been defined by old world religious systems, often associated with government and certainly influenced by the … Continue reading

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