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How It Works

The processes of healing and ascension are a partnership like the relationship of fingers to the hand; they appear to be inseparable at this time, each function supporting the other.  To explain how this process works, I will begin with a … Continue reading


Nurturing the New World

Hi Everyone! This week has seen amazing shifts again! Looking at the world as a Healing & Ascension Worker, I sometimes see all the positive shifts, and sometimes I see so much that needs to change, that it can feel … Continue reading

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Hi Ascending Friends! The oppositional circumstances that create challenges in our lives, are caused by very high level beings of wholeness and truth.  They were employed at the beginning of creation, by the Oneness that we are all a part of, to build the “workout gym”  that would grow worlds and … Continue reading

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Breaking News!

Hi Ascending Friends! I was so busy working on a huge piece of our ascension process yesterday that this post was delayed.  I had to finish the work and integrate it enough to explain it to you.  Thanks for waiting! With the … Continue reading

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The Light In You

Joyful Holiday Ascending Friends!  Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, there is something to celebrate today! I don’t often use the term Christ, because the dark side of religion confuses many people of true spirit.  It did me for a very long time, … Continue reading

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You Are Ascending

Hello Ascending Friends! Every day you are changing; letting go of your old world self and paving the way to integrating your own Higher Self into your soul, body, mind and emotions.  This is the purpose you were created to … Continue reading

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A Big Step

Hi Ascending Friends! It is so good to connect with you weekly and communicate about what we are doing here on Earth!  It’s good that we are doing it together. The changes we are undergoing now, and have been for a month or more, … Continue reading

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Joy is Where You Are

Hello Ascending Friends! A characteristic of the new world experience is joy.  Today I was reminded of that and I feel so alive with it! Each of us is a unique facet of the eternal Oneness that I often call God, or … Continue reading

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