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Full Moon Blessing

The moon is coming full on Saturday, so I asked her what the gift is that she brings us this time.  She told me “growing strong” is the opportunity which she is empowering within our lives as her blessing to … Continue reading

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Truly Potent

Hello my partners in ascension! I had a lovely conversation with the collective soul of songbirds today.  They showed me that they are actively ascending right now!  This may temporarily diminish their numbers in the old world, but once they arrive … Continue reading


Work Your Truth

As I meditated today, asking what to share with you this week, I was told to ask you to work your truth.  The implication of this is that now is a time to let the universe know you are sincere in your desire for the … Continue reading

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This week we have enjoyed continued progress, as the ongoing benefit of the world ascension work I was privileged to help initiate recently (see the last two posts).  I have been rewarded in my healing sessions to find that a new technique, developed during that work, has been efficient … Continue reading

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Summer Inspiration

Hello Ascending Friends! The energy on the planet, during the summer, calls us into a greater fluidity and freedom of spirit.  It causes our souls to expand, beyond the structures of our ego and will.  In a state of spiritual release, we integrate more fully the … Continue reading

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All You Are Is Love

Hello Ascending Friends! Most of the work of ascension lies in integrating our Higher Selves into our physical experience.  Here is a delightfully simple and effective tool for doing that! Breathe into your body and give yourself an inner hug … Continue reading

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Ascending Spring

Hi Ascending Friends! I heard from some people by email – alas, the comments system is still not right, thanks to you who tried, we are working on it! – but I was happy to hear from those by email … Continue reading

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A Treasure Hunter for Life

Dear Ascending Friends, With ascension fully underway there is a lot of psychic dust in the air, so to speak!  How do you hold your true focus amidst the confusion in the world?  There are many ways to do that, … Continue reading

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