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Trees and Soil Healing & Ascending

For two weeks I and my Ascension Group have been working with trees and the soil.  As the trees began to flower, their pollen has been carrying messages of stress along with their messages of love and beauty.  Many people have felt this … Continue reading

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Healing & Trust

Dear Ascending Friends, I am glad that you are all with me in this ascension process!  Together we can be an influence of trust and healing during this time of transition and change.  Strengthening that influence has been the theme … Continue reading


Nurturing the New World

Hi Everyone! This week has seen amazing shifts again! Looking at the world as a Healing & Ascension Worker, I sometimes see all the positive shifts, and sometimes I see so much that needs to change, that it can feel … Continue reading

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Higher Self, mind, emotion and body….integration….getting it all together – ascension is all about that! Have you ever watched a child or young animal grow over time?  It is amusing to notice how they go to bed looking one way, … Continue reading

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Hope Lives Here

Hi Ascending Friends! I am so happy to be here with you today! As I meditated on what to share with you, I was told to discuss the old world, which is still so much a part of our world; and … Continue reading

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Book Preview and Offer

Hi Ascending Friends!  Today as I inquired what would be my most helpful gift to you through my blog, I have been asked to give you a preview of my soon to be released book: Riding the Wave of Change – Hope … Continue reading

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Changes In Progress

Hi Ascending Friends! I have been invited to assist in many huge initiatives for the ascension process over recent weeks.  I can’t freely talk about it all at this time, but am excited about what is going on!  I know … Continue reading

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New Life

Happy 2016 My Ascending Friends! Our recent planetary ascension work brought an increase in aliveness to the planet.  There was some genetic restructuring to clear some old world energies and to catalyze the ascension process within the earth and all creation … Continue reading

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