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Truly Potent

Hello my partners in ascension! I had a lovely conversation with the collective soul of songbirds today.  They showed me that they are actively ascending right now!  This may temporarily diminish their numbers in the old world, but once they arrive … Continue reading


Chakras & Ascension

I was reminded this week about what an important role chakras play in our ascension. The president of UCM, my certifying organization for Healer Practitioners, wrote about them in his message this week.  I realized as I read his words, that … Continue reading

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Change in Process

Ascension and healing progresses in waves.  There are periods of rapid forward movement and periods of pulling back to process and integrate the changes that have been initiated.  I think of it like the tide coming in – – it … Continue reading

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At the Center of the Wheel of Life

Dear Ascending Friends, The changing affairs of life are represented in a lovely, graphic fashion in the tarot card called The Wheel of Life. It shows a wheel of many spokes with faces in each pie shaped section, each face … Continue reading

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A Treasure Hunter for Life

Dear Ascending Friends, With ascension fully underway there is a lot of psychic dust in the air, so to speak!  How do you hold your true focus amidst the confusion in the world?  There are many ways to do that, … Continue reading

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You Are Ascending

Hello Ascending Friends! Every day you are changing; letting go of your old world self and paving the way to integrating your own Higher Self into your soul, body, mind and emotions.  This is the purpose you were created to … Continue reading

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Healing the Foundations for Chaos

Hi Ascending Friends! The ascension process for planet Earth has continued to run hot and strong this week with some real effective impacts on some very foundational old world stuff. Through my work with clearing old world energies I have … Continue reading

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Hello Ascending Friends! This months full moon and interesting planetary alignments are calling us into a new level of wholeness.  We have to be ready to receive this wholeness and find a little different way of seeing and being ourselves. … Continue reading

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