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Beginning the first of the year, things have been moving with creative force within our lives and our world.  The pace has been fast and for some it has taken a lot t to keep up with all the opportunities … Continue reading

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Staying Close to Your Truth

There are periods during the ascension process where it feels like everything is being erased.  When this happens, it is just before everything gets upgraded to a higher level.  It can be disorienting or even frightening if you don’t have … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice Ascension

Riding the wave of ascension is such a true statement for life on earth as we arrive at the Winter Solstice.  I am sure you feel the wave building.  It is big, but it is such a benevolent one!  Open … Continue reading



Amazingly, the discomfort that I have been feeling in my body for the last while wasn’t caused by a need to clear more stuff, but by a need to recognize that I was ready to receive a much higher level … Continue reading

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What do I Have to Learn?

The ascension process is proceding in amazing ways!  The presence of the new world energies can be felt emerging in more and more places and with increasing strength. Everything is changing, within you and around you and ultimately that change … Continue reading

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True to the Core

The ascension changes that are happening this week are about re-orienting your focus to your core of truth and letting go of the slippery slope of confusion and illusion within yourself and your life.  The old world is mostly illusion and … Continue reading

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In the Flow

The ascension process is bringing a lot of changes into our personal lives right now.  For many people it feels hard to stay centered and to balance all the things that are happening for them.  There are two things that … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry About It!

Don’t worry if you sometimes feel uncomfortable in your body or emotionally and mentally fearful or negative during this period of ascension.  It is just your old self passing away.  When a snake is getting ready to shed its skin it probably feels … Continue reading

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