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Sandhill Cranes Message

Hello Ascending Friends! My favorite ascension event for this week was a conversation with 3 Sandhill Cranes who were present along Hwy 23 as I headed north.  I have had a special relationship with Sandhills as a birdwatcher which includes a number of awesome … Continue reading

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Essentials of Ascension

It occurs to me that what is happening in our world right now is the equivalent of the unconditionally loving universe treating our reality like a beach towel that needs a good shake to get the sand out of it!  During this good shaking that … Continue reading


Birthing the Sacred Self

I am ever aware that many who read my posts are either non-traditional in their spiritual approach or are of a different tradition than the one I was brought up in.  I was raised by fanatical Pentecostal Christians and it took me years … Continue reading

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Today I was asked to take the day off from seeing clients, in order to support work in progress for planetary ascension.  I spent the day paddling the Huron River in a Kayak, up in the Proud Lake Recreation Area, which seemed like a … Continue reading

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Earth Soul

Dear Ascending Friends, This month the blessing of Mercury Retrograde helps us to focus on those things we are ready to resolve at a deeper level.  This is true for our planet as well.  She has a soul and a set of … Continue reading

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A Productive Phase for Ascension

Hi Ascending Friends! This most recent astrological phase of Mercury Retrograde, which ended recently, has been extremely productive.  Mercury Retrograde gives us a chance to return to work we thought was done and do a more complete level of work there, completing our … Continue reading

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The Light In You

Joyful Holiday Ascending Friends!  Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, there is something to celebrate today! I don’t often use the term Christ, because the dark side of religion confuses many people of true spirit.  It did me for a very long time, … Continue reading

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Ascension Shifts for Life on Earth

Looking at the planet from an ascension healer’s perspective, what is most apparent is the energy field of the world.  That is the place where our experience is built.  It is like with people, what you find in your physical … Continue reading

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