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Nothing Is Personal

As a healer and ascension worker what the ascension process looks like is this:  everything is connected to everything else, whatever you grab ahold of to assist on its way out of the world to be healed and reborn, drags … Continue reading

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You Are Stronger

On the cusp of the new year, I want to encourage you to see yourself in a new way.  Because you are ascending, you are constantly integrating more of your true self into your energy field, and your energy systems … Continue reading


Engaging the Higher Power

I love the feeling, when I am working on something spiritually; be it personal, for a client, a class, or for the planet, and the Higher Power of unconditional love engages into the process and everything comes together and works … Continue reading

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A Productive Phase for Ascension

Hi Ascending Friends! This most recent astrological phase of Mercury Retrograde, which ended recently, has been extremely productive.  Mercury Retrograde gives us a chance to return to work we thought was done and do a more complete level of work there, completing our … Continue reading

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Inner Light

Below is a verse for the week of October 11-17 from Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul, translated by Michael Brewer: I can, enlivened new within, Now feel the width of my own being, And filled with strength, shed rays … Continue reading

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3 Big Shifts

Hi Ascending Friends! All of you are probably experiencing the first big shift in a 3 part series that began Wednesday this week and will be bringing positive change over the next 3 weeks.   The second and third shifts appear … Continue reading

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Wholeness – Full Moon

Today’s full moon brings to focus the energy of wholeness.  Wholeness is what we are moving toward as we ascend.  It is present within us now and within all creation, but at this stage we need to welcome it into … Continue reading

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Hello Ascending Friends! This months full moon and interesting planetary alignments are calling us into a new level of wholeness.  We have to be ready to receive this wholeness and find a little different way of seeing and being ourselves. … Continue reading

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