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How It Works

The processes of healing and ascension are a partnership like the relationship of fingers to the hand; they appear to be inseparable at this time, each function supporting the other.  To explain how this process works, I will begin with a … Continue reading


Healing/Ascension/Election – Special Post

I know that many of you are shocked and discouraged by the election results.  I want to support you as you find your way through this experience.  Please honor your feelings as well as your judgments and fears, as you open to … Continue reading

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Earth Day – Full Moon Prayer

Beloved Mother Earth, On this day and all days we acknowledge you, our mother.  We recognize that we and all creatures and life forms are the fruit of your love, and your hard work; and we give our gratitude and … Continue reading

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A Productive Phase for Ascension

Hi Ascending Friends! This most recent astrological phase of Mercury Retrograde, which ended recently, has been extremely productive.  Mercury Retrograde gives us a chance to return to work we thought was done and do a more complete level of work there, completing our … Continue reading

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Healing the Foundations for Chaos

Hi Ascending Friends! The ascension process for planet Earth has continued to run hot and strong this week with some real effective impacts on some very foundational old world stuff. Through my work with clearing old world energies I have … Continue reading

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The Ascension River

From the One Source of Life their flows an energy of unconditional love and Holy Spirit, which is the raw material out of which the new world is being built.  This energy brings healing and forgiveness in an act of pure grace – requiring no effort or sacrifice, but given … Continue reading

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Viruses, Bacteria and a Solar Eclipse!

The viruses that are going around currently are ascension viruses, helping us to let go of things we don’t need all the way down to the genetic level.  In particular they are working on helping us to forgive ourselves and … Continue reading

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