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Healing for Planet & Souls

The work initiated by the full moon to help Higher Power integrate into the physical world of our bodies and the planet continued today with some profitable healing for all.  I was guided to work with the Higher Power and those in … Continue reading


Full Moon Adventure Within

Sunday is the full moon, whose energy this month is fulfillment of true purpose!  The moon pulls on our unconscious and emotions, and so that is where the work she brings needs to be done.  Working with this facilitates our growth and … Continue reading

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Full Moon Influences Self-Love

The full moon this week is strengthening our ability to receive the presence of our true self, into our human identity or ego.  This brings a deeper experience of self-commitment and self-love, greater strength, grounding and stability to our personal lives.  The presence of … Continue reading

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Earth Day – Full Moon Prayer

Beloved Mother Earth, On this day and all days we acknowledge you, our mother.  We recognize that we and all creatures and life forms are the fruit of your love, and your hard work; and we give our gratitude and … Continue reading

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Riding the Wave of Change

Dear Ascending Friends, I just looked at the number of posts I have written, and at 212, I have been at it 4 years + 4 posts!!!  It doesn’t seem that long, but that’s a lot of love notes to you and the … Continue reading

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3 Big Shifts

Hi Ascending Friends! All of you are probably experiencing the first big shift in a 3 part series that began Wednesday this week and will be bringing positive change over the next 3 weeks.   The second and third shifts appear … Continue reading

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Wholeness – Full Moon

Today’s full moon brings to focus the energy of wholeness.  Wholeness is what we are moving toward as we ascend.  It is present within us now and within all creation, but at this stage we need to welcome it into … Continue reading

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Hello Ascending Friends! This months full moon and interesting planetary alignments are calling us into a new level of wholeness.  We have to be ready to receive this wholeness and find a little different way of seeing and being ourselves. … Continue reading

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