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Healing Feminine Power

The ascension work I am highlighting today is one very remarkable piece of many this week.  It started with the unusual circumstance of having several woman at once in my healing practice who are contending with breast cancer or other … Continue reading


Center During Change

Powerful shifts continue this week, initiating essential clearing and healing for people and the planet, our souls and auras.  Old world energy blocks with deep roots in our emotions and psyches over many lifetimes, are clearing at the spiritual levels.  … Continue reading

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Deeper Clearing

With summer solstice just around the corner, our world is receiving its  strongest focus of higher vibrations that radiate into our world through the sun.  Its influence joins us with our higher selves more fully.  Because we are ascending too, this … Continue reading

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A Treasure Hunter for Life

Dear Ascending Friends, With ascension fully underway there is a lot of psychic dust in the air, so to speak!  How do you hold your true focus amidst the confusion in the world?  There are many ways to do that, … Continue reading

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A Productive Phase for Ascension

Hi Ascending Friends! This most recent astrological phase of Mercury Retrograde, which ended recently, has been extremely productive.  Mercury Retrograde gives us a chance to return to work we thought was done and do a more complete level of work there, completing our … Continue reading

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The Process

Hi Ascending Friends! I’m excited to share with you the cover for my book that is soon to be published on Balboa Press!  Giving you a peak at what is coming!!! For the last two years, much of my personal and spiritual growth has been … Continue reading

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Wholeness – Full Moon

Today’s full moon brings to focus the energy of wholeness.  Wholeness is what we are moving toward as we ascend.  It is present within us now and within all creation, but at this stage we need to welcome it into … Continue reading

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