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Healing Abuse and Ascending Souls

During this summer solstice week a number of my healing and ascension treatment clients have brought to focus various types of childhood abuse.  Working with those issues from an ascension perspective I could see how generations of souls within their soul groups are now in position to begin … Continue reading


Solar Eclipse ~ Coming Home

The solar eclipse today (visible over Africa) allows us to see ourselves and our world with more clarity wherever we are on Earth.  It mutes the shadows and reflections giving us a unique view of what hides in our unconscious, and also the things we … Continue reading

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How the Light Gets In Part II

Hello Ascending Friends! Returning to a theme from my blog on 2/21/14, I again quote Leonard Cohen’s song Anthem’s chorus: Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That’s how the light gets … Continue reading

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You Are Ascending

During the ascension process we experience ourselves in two distinct ways: We have our old world self which is vulnerable to old negative states of fear, lack, anxiety, judgment, discouragement, hopelessness and other negative states of mind and emotion.  In this focus … Continue reading

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Beginning the first of the year, things have been moving with creative force within our lives and our world.  The pace has been fast and for some it has taken a lot t to keep up with all the opportunities … Continue reading

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Your Inner Light

During this early fall season, your energy is coming to focus more and more within yourself, withdrawing more from the outward focus of summer.  That means your inner light is brighter.  This is an excellent time to focus on and … Continue reading

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