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Global Warming and Ascension

This winter, the effects of global warming are easy to spot.  Some of them we like, and some of them are very difficult; but weather extremes abound!  This is one of the significant influences in our world which are stimulating the process … Continue reading


Engaging the Higher Power

I love the feeling, when I am working on something spiritually; be it personal, for a client, a class, or for the planet, and the Higher Power of unconditional love engages into the process and everything comes together and works … Continue reading

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This week we have enjoyed continued progress, as the ongoing benefit of the world ascension work I was privileged to help initiate recently (see the last two posts).  I have been rewarded in my healing sessions to find that a new technique, developed during that work, has been efficient … Continue reading

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Book Preview and Offer

Hi Ascending Friends!  Today as I inquired what would be my most helpful gift to you through my blog, I have been asked to give you a preview of my soon to be released book: Riding the Wave of Change – Hope … Continue reading

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Mother God

Hello Ascending Friends! It is so good to meet with you weekly to focus on the new world because it is growing stronger every day!  It is so easy to get drawn into the old world experience because it is … Continue reading

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Hopeful Shifts on Planet Earth

It has been a week of hopeful shifts here on planet Earth!  Healing and ascension work was offered through the water which exists everywhere, and so makes a perfect vehicle for change.  Shifts were made to clear and heal the world and all life forms from … Continue reading

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Love – Part I

Unconditional Love is the essential nature of the New World experience.  This is the first of a two part blog exploring the qualities of unconditional love, how we can recognize it and how we can become more unconditionally loving! This may … Continue reading

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