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Healing & Trust

Dear Ascending Friends, I am glad that you are all with me in this ascension process!  Together we can be an influence of trust and healing during this time of transition and change.  Strengthening that influence has been the theme … Continue reading


What to Expect While You Are Ascending Part I

As you wait patiently (or impatiently) for the advent of my book: Riding the Wave of Change – Hope Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World on Balboa Press; which is waiting for my planetary ascension work to reach the … Continue reading

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A Treasure Hunter for Life

Dear Ascending Friends, With ascension fully underway there is a lot of psychic dust in the air, so to speak!  How do you hold your true focus amidst the confusion in the world?  There are many ways to do that, … Continue reading

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A Big Step

Hi Ascending Friends! It is so good to connect with you weekly and communicate about what we are doing here on Earth!  It’s good that we are doing it together. The changes we are undergoing now, and have been for a month or more, … Continue reading

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Healing Ego

Ego is essential for us to hold our individual focus of self.  It keeps us from getting lost in the vast ocean of spirit and humanity and to know who we are.  Recently ego has been at the head of … Continue reading

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Forgiveness – Ascension – Forgiveness

So much of the shift from the old world experience to the new world experience is directly tied to the journey of forgiveness, that it is hard to tell which comes first, forgiveness or ascension, because they are so closely … Continue reading

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Summer Energy

According to Rudolph Steiner, the great Austrian philosopher that founded the Waldorf School movement, among many other things, the energy of summer calls us to an expanded opportunity for spiritual growth.  I happen to agree with him. During the summer … Continue reading

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New Years Blessing

I am on vacation, but had to drop in fto offer a new years blessings! May 2013 find you stepping through the door into the new world energies a little more fully with each passing day and night.  May you find … Continue reading

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