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Keep Hope Alive and Strong

When our goals feel obstructed, or when what we built that is good feels beaten down, how do we handle that and keep our hope alive and strong? Here are some thoughts, meditations and ideas about that! First of all recognize … Continue reading


At the Center of the Wheel of Life

The wheel of life goes around, and if you are centered at the hub of your own true self, it is a relatively smooth ride.  But if you are riding the rim — well — you have some pretty big ups and … Continue reading


Lightness and Powerful Love

Hello Ascending Friends! The theme this week has been “choosing lightness and hope”.  With so many apparent reasons to worry and so many opportunities to do battle and resist things, it is easy to get dragged down into the old … Continue reading

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Center During Change

Powerful shifts continue this week, initiating essential clearing and healing for people and the planet, our souls and auras.  Old world energy blocks with deep roots in our emotions and psyches over many lifetimes, are clearing at the spiritual levels.  … Continue reading

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Hope Lives Here

Hi Ascending Friends! I am so happy to be here with you today! As I meditated on what to share with you, I was told to discuss the old world, which is still so much a part of our world; and … Continue reading

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Changes In Progress

Hi Ascending Friends! I have been invited to assist in many huge initiatives for the ascension process over recent weeks.  I can’t freely talk about it all at this time, but am excited about what is going on!  I know … Continue reading

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Organic Ascension

Hi Ascending Friends! Ascension is happening!  It is spiritual, but also an organic process being born from within the very cells and genetic material of our bodies and also of all life forms on Earth. The seeds of ascension which have … Continue reading

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New Life

Happy 2016 My Ascending Friends! Our recent planetary ascension work brought an increase in aliveness to the planet.  There was some genetic restructuring to clear some old world energies and to catalyze the ascension process within the earth and all creation … Continue reading

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