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What Do You Trust?

August 7ths full moon impulse supports you in coming home increasingly to your ascended self.  We are all at individual stages in this process, and each forward step brings us a bit deeper into our ascended experience.  We are somewhat in the old … Continue reading


Earth Day – Full Moon Prayer

Beloved Mother Earth, On this day and all days we acknowledge you, our mother.  We recognize that we and all creatures and life forms are the fruit of your love, and your hard work; and we give our gratitude and … Continue reading

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A Big Step

Hi Ascending Friends! It is so good to connect with you weekly and communicate about what we are doing here on Earth!  It’s good that we are doing it together. The changes we are undergoing now, and have been for a month or more, … Continue reading

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Joy is Where You Are

Hello Ascending Friends! A characteristic of the new world experience is joy.  Today I was reminded of that and I feel so alive with it! Each of us is a unique facet of the eternal Oneness that I often call God, or … Continue reading

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Hopeful Shifts on Planet Earth

It has been a week of hopeful shifts here on planet Earth!  Healing and ascension work was offered through the water which exists everywhere, and so makes a perfect vehicle for change.  Shifts were made to clear and heal the world and all life forms from … Continue reading

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Enjoy yourselves this week!  Ascension is light, lightness requires playfulness and fun as well as spiritual work 🙂 Make space in your day to breath and enjoy the moment.  Notice the beauty of light as it plays within the world … Continue reading

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