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Work Your Truth

As I meditated today, asking what to share with you this week, I was told to ask you to work your truth.  The implication of this is that now is a time to let the universe know you are sincere in your desire for the … Continue reading

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You Are Stronger

On the cusp of the new year, I want to encourage you to see yourself in a new way.  Because you are ascending, you are constantly integrating more of your true self into your energy field, and your energy systems … Continue reading


Entering the New World

Ascension is the journey of entering the new world. The new world is the goal of evolution via the old world experience; during which we have been building bodies and souls to carry independent focusses of the One within infinite … Continue reading

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Belated Post – Big Projects

Hi Ascending Friends! I was so busy working with the ascension process last Thursday that it appears I never got a post out to you!  Please accept my apology!  I always write on Thursday so it is there for you … Continue reading

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Today I was asked to take the day off from seeing clients, in order to support work in progress for planetary ascension.  I spent the day paddling the Huron River in a Kayak, up in the Proud Lake Recreation Area, which seemed like a … Continue reading

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Summer Inspiration

Hello Ascending Friends! The energy on the planet, during the summer, calls us into a greater fluidity and freedom of spirit.  It causes our souls to expand, beyond the structures of our ego and will.  In a state of spiritual release, we integrate more fully the … Continue reading

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Changes In Progress

Hi Ascending Friends! I have been invited to assist in many huge initiatives for the ascension process over recent weeks.  I can’t freely talk about it all at this time, but am excited about what is going on!  I know … Continue reading

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Spirit Creates Miracles

Hi Ascending Friends! You now have an easier access to make your comments.  The link to do so is more obvious at the end of each blog post and I hope you will use it!  Most people have been emailing me, … Continue reading

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