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When Life Asks You to Shift

One thing we have to get good at during our journey of ascension is riding the waves of change!  When life asks you to shift, you are being given the opportunity to ascend, plain and simple, that is what is going on!  … Continue reading


Claiming Power

The experience of being limited is an essential tool of the old world journey.  Claiming power and wholeness is a hallmark of the new world experience!  What we are undergoing right now is a changeover of power from the old … Continue reading

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At the Center of the Wheel of Life

The wheel of life goes around, and if you are centered at the hub of your own true self, it is a relatively smooth ride.  But if you are riding the rim — well — you have some pretty big ups and … Continue reading


Physical Ascension – Full Moon

This Sunday’s full moon brings a strong influence of support for our physical bodies to ascend to the next step in unity with our Higher Selves!  This is a very exciting opportunity, and this blog will help you to take advantage of it! … Continue reading


Work Your Truth

As I meditated today, asking what to share with you this week, I was told to ask you to work your truth.  The implication of this is that now is a time to let the universe know you are sincere in your desire for the … Continue reading

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Changes In Progress

Hi Ascending Friends! I have been invited to assist in many huge initiatives for the ascension process over recent weeks.  I can’t freely talk about it all at this time, but am excited about what is going on!  I know … Continue reading

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Finding Peace

Hi Ascending Friends! Here we are in the final week of Mercury Retrograde, a time when life resists our forward movement so we can complete things that need to be done so we can move forward more fully into what comes next! What I’ve … Continue reading

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You Are Whole

Hello Ascending Friends! On the level of your Higher Self, you are already whole.  Your human self is in process of joining with that wholeness so you can live there!  This is the journey of ascension. Lately our ability to clear blocks … Continue reading

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